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    Is there a case for the T600 that has a clear plastic cover for the screen but still leaves the keyboard free? I currently have and like Handspring’s form-fit case, but the plastic front interferes with typing. I’d basically be happy with the same case but with the plastic stopping right under the screen. All the cases I’ve seen either cover the keyboard or leave both the keyboard and screen exposed.

    Thanks for the advice.
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    I also would be interested in such a case. I know it might be a little T, but would it be possible to take an exacto and neatly cut the plastic away from the keyboard?
    Any ideas?
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    I cut the plastic away from the screen area only with an Exacto knife because I prefer using Grafitti 2 (Grafitti Anywhere) to write directly on the screen. I've been very pleased with the modification and would recommend it to anyone. The fact that you would want to cut away the covering from the keyboard area would work just as well.
    Of course you would remove the Treo from the case first, using a marker before doing so to show where to cut the top line. One suggestion would be to take the styrofoam white block that was inside the leather slipcase that comes with it and put it inside as a backing for when you do the cutting.
    I'm sure you'll be much happier with this part of the covering gone. The feel and response are much better.

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