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    Anyone else run into problems where software run on the Treo 600 thinks that it has a High-res and thus doesn't fit on the screen? If so, has anyone found a work-around other than asking the developer?
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    yea, I had this problem with Megalauncher. I believe the 600 is the only 160/160 OS5 device. Some apps must assume that OS5 means 320/320. I mean who would ever buy/build a low res OS5 device. . . ? ;-)
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    Supernames also has this problem, but I think an update is on its way.
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    The Palm Zire 21 is another lo-res PalmOS 5 device, and I imagine that there will be other LoRes PalmOS smartphones to come running OS 5.

    Developers have known for some time that OS5 does not equal hi res, but some are just lazy. OS 5 can support 240x320 too remember.

    Software should be updated soon,
    Edward Green

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