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    argh, just had the whole thing typed up and then it logged me out when i tried posting, so here goes again:

    so, i installed a bunch of apps and while syncing the palm crashed. soft reset wouldn't work. since i didn' know what was causing this i had to undergo 7 hard resets till i found the culprit "Student Suite". oddly enough, this app seems to crash the treo BAD just by getting synced to the treo. what the?

    so after alot of trial and error i finally managed to get my treo back to normal again EXCEPT that the sms and the contacts which weren't on the sim are gone. emails and mms are there. what gives? in the backup folder there are files called SMS andsomenumber.pdb but installing manually doesn't do jack.
    and what's the contacts-file called?

    any suggestions? i would hate to see that data gone.

    oh, also, are hard resets bad in any way to the phone itself?

    anywho, glad to have found these forums, cheers
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    nobody got an idea where my sms and contacts went? i'm using a gsm treo and osx if that changes anything.

    i think we should start a blacklist of sorts, like apps that really screw with the treo. i found one that's for sure.

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    Address book contacts database is called 'AddressDB'

    SMS chat threads are called 'SMS 447xxxxx' if you are chatting to a UK mobile.

    Non-chat SMS messages are stored in 'SMS Msg Database'

    Some of these are backed up with my TreoFaves Backup program.

    I will try to update it to backup chat threads.

    However, it seems as if the chat threads are built dynamically.

    If you move the 'SMS 447xxxxxxxxx' file off the Treo 600 and then put it back the SMS chat thread disappears in Handspring's SMS program! The file still contains the relevant data which you can see using Filez, but does not show up in the SMS program.
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