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    Hey guys
    I have friends in the UK that send me SMS messages from their phones but I never seem to be able to send them anything back?!
    Am I being stupid or am i missing something?!
    I know I cant use SMS on my Treo 600 but the short mail does not seem to work either...
    Any help would be appreciated
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    You need to send SMS back, and use the code +44, dropping the leading 0.
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    do i put in +44 or just the 44
    thanks for the info
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    I send to the UK regularly - 011 44 then number.
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    Thanks for the post but i have been trying to send via my 600 using Treo600SMS but have been getting errors

    Can you describe what system you use to send the messages and maybe i can use that program instead?!
    sorry if i am being a pain
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    Unfortunately, I'm using the native SMS app on the 270. I understand the workaround for Sprint Treos is slightly different. Not sure why the number should make a difference though.... One of the major reasons I stick with T-Mo is SMS.

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