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    People with this specific problem please post here about your problem. What you have done to make it better. If you have called support about it. What support did for you. etc

    I am collecting all this because I am now in the proccess of getting my 3rd... unit. And I am collecting information for Handspring so that level 3 support can fix this problem.

    My problem is specifically not cosmetic, or even a little annoying. Its a completely unusable speakerphone. My problem is described as the following:

    -When I speak to someone on speaker... I can hear them ok, but when they speak they hear themself LOUD. Its an echo of what they are saying back to them and its as if they are speaking to themselves. On my side, I dont hear the echo at all. Once in a while it cuts in & out on my side, but I havent had a long conversation on speakerphone because I cant. They cant hear me at all, only themselves.
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    With my first unit (Cingular rev. B) I had the same problem you described with the speaker. I emailed Handspring about the problem, and they suggested I phone tech support. I did, and they recommended I get a new unit. Got the new unit yesterday with the same hardware revision. I haven't had a chance to test the speakerphone yet, though.
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    I am having the smae problem. I have my phone in the handspring case and was wondering if this was making the problem worse.
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    I am having the smae problem. I have my phone in the handspring case and was wondering if this was making the problem worse.
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    I have a Rev B GSM version with the echo problem. Its going back on Monday. I also have a GSM version on order through Handspring...ordered on 11/12 and today my status changed to "awaiting shipment". I tried twice to get them to change my order to the CDMA version at the discounted price...but they wouldn't. I blew my only serial on the crappy GSM version!!

    Anyway...back on topic...

    I had the SAME echo problem you discribed. However, the other caller had the echo no matter if I used speaker mode or handset mode!! Out of all my calls in or out...only ONE sounded good.

    PLEASE NOTE THIS: I spoke with a Cingular Data Expert/Engineer here in NC and he said that every GSM Treo sold for Cingular was suppose to get some patch to correct/help with this problem. He was travelling an said he would look into this next week. This may very well be true. I know that Handspring released patches for the earlier Treo models that helped this problem (do a search on HS website for "echo"). I know the GSM/GPRS device in the Treo 600 is a top notch piece of silicon which includes built in (...and configuable) echo cancellers. Its likely that Handspring just rushed the units out without "tweaking" them for the different carriers. The carriers do not have a clue how to do this on their own...and Handspring is too busy building new units for the holiday season. In other words...this CAN be fixed....and I think it WILL be fixed, but probably not until the holidays are over...

    I have decided not to wait...I'm giving up on Cingular and the GSM Treo 600. I'm placing my order with Amazon for a CDMA version and give Sprint a try. GSM data is too expensive with Cingular anyway.

    I know I'm probably going to get A LOT of questions about the patch...but all I have now is the email from the Cingular technical guy.
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    I've had this problem since I got the device two weeks ago. Very frustrating! I got to level 2 at HS and also spoke with cingular tech support. Each accused the other. HS says the echo cancellation is handled in the cingular network. Cingular is just in the dark. HS might be right, as I went to a Cingular store and tried 3 other phones and got the same echo.

    Other than this bug, the phone is great. I'll wait for the fix. It's warrantied for 1 year and this bug doesn't affect my usage pattern. Although you'd think for the money paid....

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    Maybe this is why Tmobile hasnt released it yet? hmm
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    My Treo600 echo too.

    Tried a few batches A & B at the service center. All having the same problem.

    Waiting for HS to fix the problem.
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    bumping this thread to the top
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    Same Exact problem here.....

    but only when I use the speakerphone in the cradle on my desk....

    otherwise it is much better....

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    Ok. So I have received one replacement previously and had the same problem.

    I just received a new replacement and the speakerphone echoing problem is GONE!!! I tried it side by side. I have 3 units here, 2 that echo and 1 that doesnít!! Sadly, they all have the same revision and software version :/

    Firmware: 2.02
    Software: Treo600-1.06-CNG
    Hardware: B

    In addition, I received another new Treo that I had on order. I havenít tried that one yet because itís doing its initial charge. I will update when that one gets tested.

    Its scary to think that there is problems in phones with the same revisions and software. This makes me think itís a manufacturing/assembly problem. Yikes!
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    Yikes is right! I hope that this is a correctable problem because I don't feel like playing endless exchange-tag just to get a phone with a working speakerphone....
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    Ok. I recieved 2 phones from HS today. Both of them work fine on speakerphone.

    If you have the problem... return your unit for a replacement.

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