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    Hey Mark Blanc, how bout Chatter for Treo 300 for thosw of us too broke to afford a Treo 600? I was an original beta tester but can't find any old betas lyin around? Pretty please...
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    I might consider "releasing" it entirely without support (I can't easily make changes to it anymore) for the same $20 as the T600 version. People who upgrade to the T600 can, of course, continue to use the same IM server account.

    Anyone who's interested can shoot me an email to and I'll see how much interest there is...

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    I love chatter! I have it for Treo 300 only though. My copy is unsupported. So does anyone have a later beta copy (I have 0.65a). There are some minor issues & maybe a later, more stable copy would resolve some of those issues. If anyone could post or email me the last, stable copy , that would be much appreciated. Thanx...

    My email is
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    I don't think there is a later beta than that for the 270/300's. Do you have a later beta?
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    I think .65a is the last of them.

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    oh alright. thanx for the try anyway guys.

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