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    I am using beyond contacts and wondered if anyone as figured out how to have the phone v1.0 application use beyond contacts for phone number lookup
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    Not going to happen. This would require a rewrite of the built-in phone application to use third-party contact databases.

    This has always been an issue with third-party contact manager software that doesn't use the native Palm databases. Since Beyond Contacts uses its own database to hold contact information, the built-in phone application isn't going to access Beyond Contacts' data.
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    The developer would have to ask Handspring for permission to 'hook' into the phone application for this to work.

    It would be possible, as AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $Handspring$ $don$'$t$ $sell$ $a$ $competing$ $contacts$ $manager$ $as$ $a$ $seperate$ $product$.

    Sadly, like you, I have to maintain 2 different databases.

    My Beyond Contacts database has ALL my contacts, and the inbuilt one has just 4000, as there is a problem with NoCaller ID if you have more than around 4000 to 5000 contacts in the in-built database on the Treo 600 (The Treo 270 does not seem to have this problem).
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    In Hotsync setup "Beyond Contacts" to sync and "Address Book" to "Desktop overwrites handheld".

    Now the built-in contacts app will always contain the same info as Beyond Contacts.
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    Where do you get to this? I have nothing for Beyond Contacts in my Hotsync options.


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