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    Pardon me, but....
    AAAAAAAAARRRRGH! (If they weren't the only game in town I would be so out of here.)
    Nov 19 - Ordered
    Nov 26 - Awaiting Shipment.
    Nov 28 - Car Charger Shipped.
    Dec 01 - Car Charger Arrives, Treo Changes to "Back Ordered".
    Dec 03 - Handspring calls and says "Blow off, we got your money".
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    Ordered Nov. 21 - Treo + handsfree
    Notified of Partial Shipment Dec. 3 (handsfree)

    I have a friend in the States receiving the stuff for me, it's a pain to tell him he'll have to pick up two parcels!
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    ordered 11/17 shipped yesterday, due 12/5 finally! I am only now regretting not buying a dozen to resell.
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    Talked to a CSR again, these people are looking at the same Screen we are looking at - Partially Shipped / Backorders. Will not give me a Supervisor unless I like to hold for more than an 1 hour! Their standard line is it will be shipped on or before December 8 because it was ordered December 30 or earlier like the Handspring site says! As far as they are concerned there is no problem with the order. If I don't receive it after December 8, I could call them again and they would act on it!

    I asked why orders after Nov. 19th (my order) are already shipping - they have no idea. So there - if your order has partial shipment and backordered on the the Treo 600, you are $crewed like me for another 3 more days. What the hell, it was aF#####G mistake to order the damn thing with an accessory. I should have remembered this same scenario when the Treo 270's came out. The difference was I was with the smarter group!

    Well, Aloha for now, am signing off till Dec 8th. Am going surfing bruddah!!
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    For what it's worth, I received yesterday (12/2) my AT&T GSM Treo 600 ordered via phone from Handspring on 11/25. I was "awaiting shipment" for about 1 business day.

    -- Rich
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    Just got it.

    ordered 11/18

    awaiting shipment 11/24

    shipped 12/02

    In hand at 1:40p 12/03

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    Wow this is a frustrating post to read. I'm one of the lucky ones who ordered a Sprint 600 the first day it was available from Handspring. I've already become so accustomed to using it. I feel for you though because I put in an Amazon order two days ago for my wife. I'm wondering what's going to happen if I don't receive it in time to meet the Jan 17 postmark deadline for the Sprint rebate.
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    I couldn't decide on a subject for this post...

    OH MY GOD!!!



    Ordered on 11/18
    Finally shipped this afternoon
    The scheduled delivery date is 3 business days (Nov 8th) but my headphone adapter was scheduled for 3 days and arrived in 1! Hopefully the same this time.
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    Holy Shnikes!
    Well, I think that my T600 has shipped.
    I got the email, with tracking number.
    The tracking number is valid (picked up in Utah).
    Order Status says "Shipped".
    Here's the punchline... View Order says "Backordered"
    and Tracking Information says "Shipped", with the same tracking number from the email.

    To recap: good news= my T600 is on its way (I hope); bad news= PalmOne is no better at keeping it's website database uncorrupted than at order fulfillment.
    Keep your fingers crossed for me kiddies.
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    Me too. Got the magic email and my tracking number. If it's the same leadtime as the Stereo Headset, I should get mine tomorrow!

    Someone from Handspring actually called me this afternoon in response to my 3 emails and apologized. He still couldn't give me any delivery date aside from the "no later than Dec. 8 expected shipment date". This turned out mo- betah.

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    sorry, duplicate post....
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    "We're pleased to let you know that your order has been shipped. " Just got another one of these emails, but this time it is for the Phone itself and not just the Stereo Headphone adapter. Also the site Order Status says "Order shipped" with two tracking numbers, one for the headphone adapter and one for the phone.
    Fedex tracking says:
    Ship date Dec 3, 2003
    Estimated delivery date Dec 4, 2003 by 3:00 pm

    Darn, this is going to be so frustrating considering that although the phone will get delivered to my friend in the US by tommorow, I myself won't get it until the 18th. This is because that is when my friend will be arriving here in India. I guess I ought to be happy atleast I will be getting it in two weeks and it will be just in time considering I just broke my Treo 270 yesterday. Well I had broken the Flip joint earlier but now the antenna has broken with parts of the plastic surrounding it and also it seems the LCD is damaged since there is now a black line running right from the top to bottom. Oh well hopefully I will have my Treo600 soon enough.

    By the way for those that might be interested the timeline on my order is as under:
    Ordered T600 (Cingular, Upgrade offer) and Accessory on October 23rd
    Status changed to "Awaiting Shipment" on October 26th
    Status for Accessory changed to "Shipped" and for Phone to "Backordered" on December 1st
    Accesory Delivered December 2nd
    Status for Phone changed to Shipped on December 3rd
    Expected Delivery of T600, December 4th
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    ordered on the 11-23; shipped tonight and should arrive tommorow :-)

    Got my accessories yesterday...
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    Originally posted by 100thMonkey
    ordered on the 11-23; shipped tonight and should arrive tommorow :-)

    Got my accessories yesterday...
    Talk about misery. My Treo shipped yesterday but Fedex shows the shipment to be still stuck in Utah. I worked from home today so that I could get my Treo but Fedex goofed up. They say the bad weather is hampering their operations in Utah and the package should be delivered tomorrow. How are other Treos shipped yesterday (12/02) being delivered today then? Considering I paid for overnight delivery which guarantees delivery by 3 PM, is there anything I can do ?
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    maybe file a complaint to get some of the shipping fee back from FedEx
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    ordered 11/20, shipped 12/3 to arrive via FedEx 12/14.

    Hurray! Is it the same for everybody who ordered before the 30th?
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    Originally posted by Jahead
    ordered 11/20, shipped 12/3 to arrive via FedEx 12/14.

    Hurray! Is it the same for everybody who ordered before the 30th?

    I ordered 11/21, got the ship notice today.

    Woo hoo! :-)

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    It's about time!!!!!!

    After ordering on 11/15 and receiving only the accessories, I finally received shipment notice today...!

    The only bummer is that I will receive the unit at my home tomorrow but I'm traveling and won't be home until Friday night!!!


    Oh well! At least I will have something to do on the weekend..
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    Finally shipped! Yeaaa!!! Ordered Cingular 11/24, and scheduled to arrive this afternoon (12/4)...10 days later!

    For a parallel thread echoing similar sentiments as this thread, see the following under the US GSM forum:
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