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    I have had the T600 since it first came out. I am on Sprint and have not had the first min. problem. The night before last I started not being able to connect to the Sprint network in any way. I put it into Roam and boom it is working fine on roam but will not work on sprint. I have done soft resets, hard resets, with no luck. Sprint has check the phone setup (it's correct) they say they have no tower problems and so far have not come up with a solution. They have waved all roaming charges for the next 72 hours and are still trying to figure it out. I have checked with other Sprint users in the area and they are not having a problem. This morning I got to SMS messages from before the problem began then nothing else. Has anyone else had this problem? Could it be something in the phone it's self? Any help would be appreciated.
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    I had a similar problem, except that it was about a week after I got the phone. Started without being able to connect to Vision, then Sprint network.

    I was run to the local store, and escalated through about half a dozen techs on the phone. No tower issues, no network issues seen. Store checked out the phone and found nothing wrong other than would only work on Roam.

    Finally requested replacement phone.

    Got the replacement and returned the original phone. Haven't seen the problem with the replacement - had it now since about 10/20.

    At the store I was told that another new T600 had the same problem in my area - so I would think that there are a few out there that a prone to this type of failure.

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