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    I just got off the phone with a (local) Cingular business rep that told me when my Treo 600 came in, I would be REQUIRED to purchase a data plan seperate from my regular account to check email and do some simple surfing. I said, "you mean I can't just use my regular GPRS access?" He said "no that won't work on the Treo."
    If I can currently use my Siemen's S56 as a modem for my laptop and download POP email, why would I have to purchase a seperate data package for the Treo!!!????
    Confused! Any opinions????
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    I can't say about Cingular, but it's not true for T-Mobile. Sounds to me like he didn't know what he's talking about.
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    If you want, you can use regular 'dial-up' minutes on Cingular with their Wireless Internet/CSD plan [NOT Wireless Internet Express, their GPRS plan]. You should be able to get the CSD plan for free. If you want some speed and the ability to stay connected and get phone calls, you want GPRS (a basic Cingular plan with 1000k of data is $6.99/month). Call a knowledgable Cingular CSR to discuss, or go on line.

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