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    hi !

    done a search in the forum for treo600 posts titles and could find this issue addressed, so here it comes:

    how do i change system sounds ?

    ...i mean, i HATE the dull beep sound that comes out say whenever you perform an unauthorized operation (like when you don't click on OK button and you were supposed too, or click the RENAME button [for instance] while not highlighting any text, etc...).

    anybody knows how to change it ?

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    I used to use a hack called Techsounds on my Treo 270 to change system sounds. The Treo 270 click sounds were much much worse than the Treo 600, hence the Treo 600 sounds are an improvement to me.

    Anyway, you may want to check out Techsounds to see if it can be used on the Troe 600 with a hack manager like Tealmaster. I'm curious too.
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