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    For those of you who took the plunge and finally have your Treo 600, how do you like it so far?

    How is the size? Too big? Comfortable?
    Is the speakerphone usable?
    How is the screen? Bright enough?
    Is the keyboard easy to type with?
    Battery life? I'm concerned that using one device for two uses (phone & pda) will run out of charge quickly.

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    Originally posted by red five
    For those of you who took the plunge and finally have your Treo 600, how do you like it so far?

    How is the size? Too big? Comfortable?
    Is the speakerphone usable?
    How is the screen? Bright enough?
    Is the keyboard easy to type with?
    Battery life? I'm concerned that using one device for two uses (phone & pda) will run out of charge quickly.

    1. I love it!!!
    2. I used a Kyocera 6035 for 2 years so I find the size perfect.
    3. Again, after using the Kyocera 6035 for so long... I can use it as a flashlight! However, it is a hard to see with direct sunlight.
    4. This was a major concern for me since I have big hands. It took me about 2 days to get used to it. No complaints about the keyboard.
    5. Not sure about the battery life because I keep mine on the cradle during the night to make sure that I always have power. But this is my only phone (no land line). So I am constantly using it during the day and I've never had a problem. It was the same with the Kyocera.

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    Migrated from the T300 - I've had the 600 for about a week now.


    Better reception! My home now doesn't have dead spots like it did with the 300.

    Battery not so much of a concern. The 300 was always sucking battery if I went a day without recharging. Not so, anymore. I've gone for a couple of days of moderate use without a recharge (e-mail checking every 20 minutes, 2 or 3 calls a day, web browsing and games)

    Fun camera. Yes, it ain't gonna replace my other digital camera, but I'm always gonna have it with me. I've got some great shots so far.

    I love the form factor. I had a tiny Nokia that was TOO small. The T300 was too big. This one is just the right size, IMHO

    I was concerned how hard it was to turn on the keyguard, since the last non-flip-phone I had took 3 or 4 button presses to turn on the keyguard. Not a factor with the T600. It's all automatic, and it works great both turning on and off.

    Next week is my first cross-country business trip, and I'm NOT planning on bringing my RioVolt MP3 CD player for the trip.

    The keyboard actually feels better than the T300 to me. the "bumpiness" of the keys makes it easier to type.


    Web browser still has weird issues, like resetting the phone when visiting my bank's site. WTH? Definite improvement from the T300, but still could be better.

    Most of the ringers are still TOO SOFT! The only ringers that work for me are the LOUD ARIA, and LOUD FLUTE, and the flute grates on my nerves.


    The speakerphone is usable, but nothing special.

    The screen is fine for normal use. I have to lower the brightness in a dark room - it's TOO bright. the resolution is enough for all the business stuff. I'd rather take a lower screen res and longer battery life than hi-res and recharging every day.


    You couldn't make me go back if you forced me. Definite improvement.
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    I love it! its the best pda/phone on the market.
    1) you can forget about worrying over battery life. (4hrs of talk and web)
    2) I use online banking, trade stocks online, gain access to every site I've tried.
    3) processor speed is so much of a relief! you will love it.
    5) screen is superb. blinding actually.
    6) you get an awesome mp3 player, and the speakerphone outclasses the treo 300 completely.
    7) expansion slot - sky is the limit really
    8) this phone feels like it was designed around the human hand... ergonomic... very smooth.
    9) the camera ... I've snapped shots of apartments and houses that we are in the market for... I email them to my fiancÚ to share ideas with... its wonderful.
    10) you will truly love this phone.. its a stroke of geniusm
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    I migrated from the 270. I never liked the lack of an external card in the 270 -- the risk of a crash meant I couldn't just take it as my only computer on short business trips.

    The camera is pretty lousy on my unit -- poorly focused. Everything else is spectacular. Web, email are much faster than the 270 (both on T-Mobile). Reception is substantially better. I have two 512MB cards and so far am only using one, with 256MB of music, backups, and a couple of photos.

    Sound quality is excellent for a phone. Navigation is straightforward once you have personalized it, and it is nice launching speed dial and programs from the same launcher.

    The web is way better, if still not perfect, because javascript sometimes works. (I was tried Xiino but it didn't work well enough to keep.)

    Indeed, my major complaint is that I would like to run Vindigo off the SD card so I could carry all the cities I visit.

    I like snappermail so I haven't looked at the native email program.

    The screen is too bright at night, but will dim to an acceptable level. It is fine even in direct Texas sunlight, which most laptops can't achieve. That was a major failing of the 270. Battery life is good and easily double the 270. I still have to charge every night but haven't run out even with the novelty factor full blast.

    It's pretty much a no compromises device. I feel comfortable using it as my only web/email access for a 2 day business trip. With documents to go, I can in principle read a word document, and I don't have to worry about a crash because I carry backups on the SD card. (I use backupbuddyvfs but I understand there are free alternatives.)

    I like to listen to music on planes, and it is fine for this.

    The 5 way navigation makes it slightly less dangerous to use the device while driving, and much easier to use generally. This is a major step forward. Now if I can stop reaching for the jog dial which changes the volume...
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    Enjoying the hell out of it. The only complaint...wish there was a form fitting case with the stationary belt clip to hold the phone horizontal. I hate this swivel clip...yuk!!! And it hold the phone too far off to really feel it vibrate.

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    I have had mine for about a month and it amazes me with something each and every day. As for your comments:

    How is the size? Too big? Comfortable?
    Just right, I think. It really isn't that much smaller than my T300 (with the flip closed) and the heft makes feel way better built than the old Treos. It is comfy to hold, even for long periods of time. That being said, I usually use the headset when using it as a phone so I can use the PDA while I'm talking on the phone.

    Is the speakerphone usable?
    I used the speaker alot on my Treo 300 and use this one pretty often in the office. Mine is clear and both of us have no problems with sound quality. It's pretty loud, so you will have to turn down the volume (compared to the 300).

    How is the screen? Bright enough?
    I live in South Florida and the sun can be a killer. I have no problems with the screen, I can see it better in the sunlight when I have my sunglasses on, though. I'll take this screen over hi-rez for what I use it for ... it suits what I need very well.

    Is the keyboard easy to type with?
    IMHO, much easier than with the 300. The 300's keys were too "flat" for me to be really happy with them. I like the rounded keys much better and have found it easier to type with them. The transition to the smaller thumboard took about an hour or so, but I still use 2 thumbs and I have big hands. Much better.

    Battery life? I'm concerned that using one device for two uses (phone & pda) will run out of charge quickly.
    I don't think you will need to worry about this too much. I can get 2 full days out of one charge, and I make at least a dozen calls a day on it, check email every hour or so (three accounts) and use the pda function all of the time for scheduling, notes, etc. (using Agendus). I have no landline, just my 600, so it may get more phone use than some. The battery in the 600 doesn't really like to be run down to zero, so if you can get it to a charger every once and again to top it off, it will just go and go.

    I love it. It has been one of the best business tools I have ever purchased. Can't wait until a new model comes out to upgrade again!
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