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    Talking with a T-mobile rep he told me that if I had a WAP? capable phone that I had unlimited internet minutes.

    I told him I had a Treo180 and he said that my phone uses a different kind of internet browser.

    Has anyone out there found a way to put a WAP browser on a Treo180?

    Or more to the point, is there a way I can use the Get More 600 plan to check email without having to pay for an extra service?
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    and ...oh yeah...what is WAP?

    Did I hear him right?
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    Originally posted by sketch
    and ...oh yeah...what is WAP?

    Did I hear him right?
    Hey Sketch,

    This is something easy to look up, but the short story is that WAP = Wireless Application Protocol. It's a communication standard that was pioneered by Wireless Planet in the late 1990's (they later went public as, and have since changed names again to OpenWave). The software in the phone and on the network hardware talk to each other in terms of WAP for this type of connection.

    Lookee here for more:

    Hope this helps.

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