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    I have the iRock 400 and just experienced a problem today. The AC adapter stopped working. It will turn on when only batteries are used, but if I try and use the AC adapter it won't. I'm still experimenting to see if I can figure out the problem. I'll let you all know what I find...
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    I noticed, right when I got the iRock, that when I use the lighter adapter, I get a slight humming/screech sound with the unit. If I go battery alone, it's all good.
    So - the adapter just sits in the glove box, all sad and lonely.
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    I've been using the iRock 400 with the A/C adapter through a 2-outlet adapter and works fine. I do get the humming sound, however, it is only if the phone is plugged into the outlet at the same time. So I just unplug the phone when I am going to use the phone.

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    How are current owners of the iRock transmitter mounting the transmitter in their cars? I'm going to go get it tomorrow, but I want to figure out the best arrangment to keep the cables out of my way while in the car.

    Comments please!
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    I will try to take some pictures tomorrow morning of my setup with the 2 outlet adapter. I was going to "velcro" the transmitter out of the way, but the cable is kind of short. So it just hangs from the phone. But it is out of my way. I guess it is personal preference and the configuration of your car.

    The pictures should be posted at around 8:30.

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    Now that you mention it, velcro sounds real good. I just happen to have some left over strips. I'll look out for the pics tomorrow. Appreciate your taking the time.
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    Sorry but I had to take the pictures with the phone because the camera is out of the house. They didn't come out too good.

    The iRock just hangs from the phone. It is well out of my way (even if I didn't have an automatic). The iRock cable was just to short for me to velcro it to the dashboard since the ProClip sticks out a bit.

    Hope this helps.

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    The pics were good enough for me to get an idea of how to set-up. I drive a 99 model Honda Accord. Thanks again.

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    No problem at all.

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    After surfing the forum, went out and got the Irock from Radio Shack with the adapter. Spent less than $40 and now I have a Hands Free phone and MP3 player thru car speakers. Both are awesome!!! Thanks everybody for their posts and especially Woof for lposting the exact part #for adapter...
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    So I don't get flamed, I posted something similar over here as well. I'm very eager to solve this problem. I have a cassette adapter, but of course when I plug it in to my treo the treo reverts to the treo speakers. I read about using a Y splitter and plugging headphones into one side and the cassette adapter into the other. Will that have any negative impact on my treo (ie frying my treo and me at the same time), or should it be fine? Any other suggestions - like cassette adapters actually work? Functioning cassette adapters are my first choice by far, of course!
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    The cassette adapter didn't work with mine either. I couldn't even get any sound at all. So I am back with my iPod/Casette adapter combo.
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    I am rockin' with my IROCK now (thanks woof). I'm running hundreds of MP3's from my 512MB SD card, streaming Shoutcast stations, and talking hands free. I am in ecstasy . This FM transmitter has just stopped my flirting with a satellite radio purchase and saved me some ca$h.

    On a side note.....I freakin' LUV my Treo!!!

    This thing does everything I could ever need it to and much more. I haven't had a "gadget" this much fun since my first computer. I think I've saved hundreds of dollars with my Treo. I've got a MP3 player, Digital Camera (OK, it sux, but nice for visual memo's and impromptu "fun photos"), Cell Phone, PDA, and now the equivalent of a Satellite Radio. Kudo's Handspring, *you* rock.
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    Love the iRock/Treo combination, but as mentioned earlier, the Treo car charger causes severe disturbance if plugged into the Treo at the same time as the iRock.

    Did not experience 150 ft. range. A friend in a separate car & tuned to my iRock "station", experienced a lot of distortion when more than a car length away.

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    You guys make me wish my FM radio worked in the minivan! It fades out for the most part so I mostly listen to CD's and AM radio.
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    There is another solution without using an FM transmitter but it's a little more hands on.

    I have an aftermarket radio in my vehicle that has 4 different source inputs via RCA cables. All you have to do is purchase a RCA "Y" adaptor cord, with a standard headphone jack on the other end. Plug the male ends of the RCA's into the RCA input's on the back of your stereo. That will leave you with a female headphone plug as an input.

    Just get yourself a male to male headphone cord, and the adapter for the treo. BAM. you are done, and no one outside of your vehicle will be able to pick up on your converation.

    All you do is press the "source" button on your radio to get to the sound on your phone. For me, this was the only option as I do business over the Treo, and I cannot be transmitting my info to the car next to me.

    *** I just wanted to add that this solution will only cost about 10 dollars or so. $5 for the Y adaptor, and maybe 5 for the headphone cord and adaptor for the treo***
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    Hey thanks for the info. I ended up trying something like that a week or so after I became obsessed with playing MP3s (assuming of course I have them, and if I were to have them, I woudl also own the CDs) in my car. I was worried I would blow my phone! But it's all ok.

    Thanks though for trying to help!
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    Quote Originally Posted by mo-bile
    FM transmitters are great, unless you live in a major metropolitan city like Los Angeles where there isn't a completely free station! Even the most remote stations pick up something....I need a better solution...
    I think this comment is worth revisiting. I live in South Florida and it seems like ever 50 yards, the 88.1/88.3/88.7/88.9 selection is interfered with. I need a better solution -- either a transmitter that offers more than just 4 station options or something else.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Check out a company called Seidio. It solves many of the problems I've seen in this thread.
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    Radio Shack offer their own version of the irock transmitter, however it has 8 channels instead of irock's 4. It work perfectly in my car with realplayer, pocket tunes and Kinoma (but don't tell the law i'm watching movies in my car in the front seat)
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