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    ATL has a $65 minimum order. I want to buy some of their connectors and maybe their serial cable pigtail. Anybody here interested in a group buy in order to meet the minimum order?

    You can get a connector with everything you need to build a cable for $6.50. That means I need at least 10 orders to meet their minimum of $65. I want two, so I need 8 more. Any takers?

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    Ok, does anybody know where I can lay my hands on some treo connectors without making a $65 minimum order? Doesn't anybody here want to roll their own connectors?

    Anybody have a dead cable they want to get rid of for my project? I hate to spend $30 for a serial cable just to cut the connector off.

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    What do you want to do with it?

    I do not think you can make anything if it is not yet available already.
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    I have a digitraveler brand mouse GPS. I want to make a car cradle that connects my Treo to the GPS. Since the GPS does not provide a powered RS232 port, I was going to do the RS232 conversion inside the cradle.

    I have the car holder from radio shack, I have a MAX232 chip set up on a board and I have the appropriate cable to go to my GPS. I've got a cigarette lighter power plug to power the GPS, power the treo and the conversion circuitry. All i need is a $6 piece of plastic.

    I found a place that will sell the old treo 300 serial cables cheap so I may just cannabilize the connectors from them.

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    I haven't used this much, but I saw this on the screen savers yesterday.

    It can help to find sites which only have things for sale. I did see some connector sites on there.

    Wow, that thing is neato. Already have found a $19.95 Treo 270/300 battery from electronic goldmine.
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    Originally posted by djs_tx

    I found a place that will sell the old treo 300 serial cables cheap so I may just cannabilize the connectors from them.

    I think that is your best bet.
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    hi djs_tx, I have a treo 270 and a digitreveler also
    I try to use it with a treo serial cable with a null modem adapter, using program Mapopolis
    and also the one digitraveler provide, however they do not at all. Then I find that have a cable provide that work with treo and digitraveler. (the one that
    carry the battery) but it cost around $70 with the shipping.
    And now my question is, I know that you have a experiments to making a cable to work with
    treo and digitraverler. I have a treo connector, and the digitraveler connector also, but
    i have no idea how to connect them together. ( all I know is the JR-11 2,3,5 connect to
    serial 2,3,5 if i want to make a notebook serial cable)
    can you be kind to provide more informations or even diagrams for how to connect the treo
    adapter pins and also add a battery like the one pcables does
    my email is
    thank you so much!!

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