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    Myself and a coworker are experiencing an extreme slowdown in performance with our MSFT Exchange accounts. We are the only two people in a 5000+ person company having this issue. Tech support from MSFT advised our IT group to rebuild our accounts. Doing so fixed the problem -- for 2 days. We are now having the same issue. Roughly 60 seconds to retrieve a single message header over the internal network!

    What is the common denominator to our problem? Bothare running Sprint Business Connection Personal Edition on our office PCs.

    Tier2 Support at Sprint said they have never heard of this issue, and that frankly, the BCPE client can't change your Exchange account, so it's unlikely that it's the cause. Anyone care to argue that point?

    Seems to me that if BCPE 'knows' when you read an email and updates it's status so it shows as 'read' on the server, it's passing *something* back, and that could be causing corruption.

    Tier2 suggested we uninstall the client completely and see if the problem recurrs. That means losing our remote email, and I'd rather not do that. I guess we could go the route of MessageXpress (we're both using Treo 600s), but frankly like the functionality BC offers (in theory).

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    Many of us have experienced this problem since installing the recent BC "Upgrade". I've given up trying to fix it for now and I'm just living with it. It is a real problem and not our imagination and yes - it blows!
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    JoeBobATL, socomon

    See my post at the URL below.... there is a way to diagnose this as a condition that occurs on Exchange. The MS KB article is in this post and the interesting part is if your IT is willing to run the Test 2 of that KB which does not require anything to be changed then the problem could be narrowed down to this.
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    Thanks. I've passed this on to my IT contact in our Exchange group. We're keeping our fingers crossed!

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