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    I want to be able to record TV shows on my PC and convert them for viewing on the Treo. Any suggestions? One glitch is that I want to use my laptop to do p
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    hmmm...anyway, I want to use my laptop to record the shows, so I'll need an USB tuner. Any recommendations? Also, what format do I use to record to the PC and then to convert for Treo?

    Thanks, Mike
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    There are a bunch of other ones out there also that are less expensive than the ones listed above. But you'll want to check out pro and user reviews to see if they are any good.

    Hope this helps
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    Thanks for the suggestions. While looking for some reviews, I found a cool website-- . It has a few reviews, including one on the Pinnacle card. Although they did recommend it, it did get knocked for a few things. I'll look more into the Compro card. Also on that site, there's a new post about a new USB 2 tuner that is the size of a deck of cards. That would be great for carrying with my laptop. Unfortunately it doesn't sound like it will be released until the end of the year. So have you or anyone else had experience with any of these tuners?

    Thanks again, Mike
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    I've got the Compro Video Mate TV plus, pci tuner card for my SFF pc. Works great!

    Don't have any experience with the USB tuners though, so can't help ya with that. sorry

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