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    Is it possible to watch a DVD file on a T600?
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    First you rip the DVD (the hard part). Then you compress and rescale for either the Kinoma or MMplayer. Kinoma needs Kinoma producer 2, MMplayer needs virtualdub.
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    Here's the easy way to get your DVD onto the Treo. This is an overview and not meant to be a step by step guide. This is just what works for me, there may be easier ways that I'm not aware of.

    1 - Rip DVD with Dr.DiVX. I rip to an insane size file so there is minimum compression.

    2 - Resize with Virtual Dub

    3 - Upload to the Treo and watch movie.

    Dr.DiVX will compress down to handheld size however the Treo's resolution is not supported and it seems to crash a lot when you rip down to that size. The Virtualdub method is about 100% on the movies I tested it on.

    There are some snafus, however. Someotimes the main movie vob files will have the menu embedded in them. When that happens, I use DVD Fab to rip just the main movie to DVD format and then do the above.
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    When trying to use MMplayer on my Treo 600 I ran into the "soft reboot" problem. I'll have to give Kinoma a try.

    Thanks for the tips.
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    You did get the correct skin, right?
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    Originally posted by SWiTCH
    You did get the correct skin, right?
    Yea I installed the skin file MMSkin_Treo600.PDB from
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    Kinoma is working great!
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    I played around a little more with MMPlayer and found that v0.1.0 was giving me the most problems. So I installed v0.2.6 and it works better. I still get some soft reboots now and then though.
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    Originally posted by darnell
    Kinoma is working great!
    How are you getting the files to play?

    I keep trying to convert my DVD sourced AVI files with Kinoma Producer but when I try to play them I only get audio, no video.
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    I got the same when I tried it.
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    with kinoma, i tried to convert an mpg file.

    it converted, but i had no sound coming out from the speaker.

    any tips for kinoma?
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    i can't figure how to resize the video with virtualdub.
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    Grab this and use it.

    Makes it a breeze. You dont need to know how to do anything in VD to make movies using this small app. It helps, of course, but this app makes it pretty simple.
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    what do set for the settings for the treo 600

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