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    As I see now that several great hacks and applications are posted here, I'd like to express my wish..:

    I write a lot on my Treo 600, both SMS'es and longer texts to go in emails and documents. My native language is Norwegian, and unfortunately (for me and other fellow norwegians) the norwegian characters , and are almost at the end of the ALTernative character list that pops up when for instance typing "a" and then pressing Alt. As it is not possible to press Up to go to the lowest character, I have to press Down repeatedly to select "" for instance.

    So, some sort of hack that let me choose the alternative characters and the order which they will appear in the lists accessible with Alt would be very nice!

    I hope this was understandable...

    Best regards,

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    I'd suggest using the Quicktext feature for all your most common phrases until someone produces this hack.

    Otherwise learn to program in C

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