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    I read on this site that the tmobile phone is going to be locked (confirmations?). What are the implications of that? Does that mean if I had a tmobile 600 and ever wanted to switch carriers that I couldn't?

    Is there any advantage to ME of a locked phone?
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    What it means is that you can't use a SIM from another carrier on that phone. However, if you eventually want to switch to another one and use your T-Mobile branded phone, supposedly T-Mobile will give you the unlock code so that you can. It seems different reps give you different answers on this... you may be able to do it whenever you ask so long as your account is in good standing, or after 90 days, or at the end of your contract. It's unclear if there is a time requirement before they'll do it for you or not. But chances are if you're buying the T-Mobile phone in the first place, you're not planning on jumping ship to another carrier right away anyhow.
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    I'm on tmobile now, and want the 600 with tmobile b/c of the unlimited ($20) data plan.

    I'm thinking to the distant future, since after dropping this money into this phone I'm unlikely to get another one for quite a few years (reference point: now I'm upgrading from a visorphone). I want to make sure I'll have options in the future. If I want to leave tmobile sometime down the road would the phone become unusable?

    Sounds like at some point I could get tmobile to unlock, depending on various factors I'll have to verify with them.

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    T-Mobile are very liberal about unlocking. They want you on the network legit for a few months and then will do it quite casually upon request. You can also buy the unlock earlier AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK $at$ $a$ $reasonable$ $price$.

    It's all speculation anyhow that the TMobile phones will be locked. They may choose not to. We have to wait and see - it's always a pricing decision.
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    It seems that T-Mobile is pretty apathetic about the Treo 600. Why would they care to even bother locking it?

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