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    Originally posted by Felipe

    in the changes.doc file, he has a not that there is a problem with pocket tunes. would you happen to know what this problem is?

    I did go back and fully test it, but it seemed that the treo would soft reset when I had volume rocker and pocket tunes console running at the same time.

    I disabled pocket tunes console.
    There is also a conflict with FindHack, but it is minor. I've contacted the author and he is updating this app weekly it seems. I imagine these issues will get smoothed out. I guess in PT you can disable all aspects of PT/VR, i.e., in VR Menu> Volume Exclusions, Tungsten T Exclusions, Nav Exclusions, or just the ones which are causing your reset, at least for the time being.

    It seems very smooth in Blazer where IMO it is most useful. Also in Avantgo.
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    ....this utility is fine, but what I really like to see is one that would let me control the quality of the sound from the earphone speaker. My calls come in kinda of "echoish". I would like to control the bass, treble, etc. Make my calls sound sharper...anybody?
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