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    i like t 300. no need to change form factor, it breaks--the hing. only a matter of time. that is prime reason I bought t 600. just about to activate.
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    I have to say I prefer the 300s data entry as well. The biggest issue for me is not the spacing of the keys. What I don't like is the weight of the device and the firmness of pressing on the keys.

    That being said, I don't believe I could get by with a T9 device. I need to compose lenthy e-mails on my phone, and I just can't imagine doing that T9.

    Other posters have said T9 works for short messages. Does T9 work for longer ones? Also, how does the weight of the P900 compare to the T600?

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    Due to popular demand we are just about to release a version of the LexSpell spelling checker with special resident lookup functionality for Treo 600.

    If interested in testing it, drop us a line - only prior to its release, please.

    More about LexSpell at .
    Bobby Kolev
    "A Pocket Full Of Knowledge"
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    Originally posted by zipmitz
    I'm not a klutz and I have had as much experience with thumboards as anyone else.
    Sorry, but I'm thinking you're probably a klutz. Here's my average-size hand:

    I can type fast as blazes on the thing. E-mails. Notes for work. Discussion forum posts. Practice!
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    And it sure as hell beats graffitti. Yuck.
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