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    I have a question for you old-timers who have already received your Treos! How long a wait did you have from the time you noticed "Awaiting Shipment" till it actually went out the door till the time you actually received it???

    There has been A LOT of activity last night and this morning. All the 11/03 orders who needed a Cingular Plan, as well as some 11/04 and later orders have started to change status. I moved from "Order Received" to "Credit Card Authorized" to "Carrier Credit Check" to "Awaiting Shipment" between late afternoon/early evening yesterday. I've also received two emails from HS, the first one notifying me that Cingular approved my service plan, and another one confirming my order. And although my credit card has been authorized, it hasn't been charged yet.

    I just called HS and she said it COULD take 3 days, but they usually go out quicker. HS's answers haven't always been accurate in the past, so I'd like to hear about the experiences of you who have already received your Treos.

    Thanks for any info you can give!
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    My T600 waited 3 days for shipping.
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