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    As most of us Sprint PCS people know, Sprint removed the ability for us to see call duration of each call we have in the call log. It has been discovered how to re-enable this feature. The method to get back call duration is buried in the ever growing "Let's Hack the Carrier Logo" thread. To make it easier to find, I thought I would start a new thread which includes the file needed and the simple instructions.

    If you just want to keep your Sprint Carrier logo when you turn on and turn off the radio, but would like to have call duration as well, then just download the attached file and Hot Sync it to your Treo. It works best after you download and save the file, you open up the Palm instal tool and drag the file to add it.

    If you installed one of the carrier logo hacks, you will need to delete it from your Treo for this to work. After you instal the file, you will have the original Sprint radio on and radio off logos, the envelop icon on the dial pad and (most importantly) call duration in the call log.

    This fix will not survive a hard reset, but does survive a soft reset, so you may want to keep the file handy and backed-up.

    Enjoy, but I guess I need to add a disclaimer of “use at your own risk” although no problems with it have yet been found.
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