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    I'm contemplating buying a 512MB SD Card, but have seen posts on this board that 1 and 2GB cards are imminent. Does anyone have any info on that and whether SD card prices will drop as a result?

    The eCost deal on 512MB Kingston cards is really good and I'd like to get one soon, but like most, I don't want to buy it now only to have the price plummet next week.

    Thanks for any insight.
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    I don't expect 1gb to ship in any volume till next year.
    It will also cost a lot more than double a 512MB card as demand will be high and supply low.

    512MB cards are still a bit more expensive than two 256MB cards.

    As ever, the longer you wait the cheaper (in general) it gets.
    But I would buy now before prices go up due to Xmas.

    Alternatively wait till January.
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    Thanks for your thoughts Cyril. I decided to get the 512MB Kingston and a card reader from eCost. Should arrive today so I can play over the T-Giving weekend.

    Hope you have lots to give thanks for.


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