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    I ordered my upgrade Treo 600 from Handspring for AT&T on 11/21 (4 days ago) and got the standard "2-3 weeks for delivery" message. I just checked now, and lo and behold, it's now at "Approving Credit Card"! I may get this sucker by December after all! Anybody else see similar action? Maybe the logjam of orders is clearing after all...
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    I was excited to see your post and I quickly shot over to handspring's order status page. Entered my info and: CREDIT CARD APPROVED!!

    So next step; awaiting shipment! Is credit card approved the same as 'charging' the card (as in, it's gonna ship any day now!) I ordered overnight because I'm leaving for hawaii in exactly 2 weeks and wanted to make sure, that IF it came earlier, I'd get it... I'd hate to have it ship with a couple of days before my trip and miss it because of shipping.

    Hopefully, we'll see these babies by the end of the week (Depends on shipping and the holidays) Good luck everyone!

    Post updates here!

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    I just called Handspring and the guy said they should ship today or tomorrow!!! Mine is in the 'CREDIT CARD APPROVED' stage as well.

    Unfortunately for me the whole timing thing sucks because I am at home for the Thanksgiving break (from college) and won't be at the sipping address I used until Sunday night. Which means my "baby" could be on its way and no one wll be there to get it!

    And they won't let em change the shipping address either. I think i am SOL.
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    I know, I should have opted for the express shipping rather than ground. I figured, it's going to take 3 weeks, what's an extra 2 days for shipping when I can save the $? But if they are shipping from Handspring HQ that's just down 101 for me, so hopefully I will have an early holiday present waiting for me when we get back from Thanksgiving travels!
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    Oh and one more thing ...... damn AT&T and their ****ty data plans. I hope my data usage isn't going to pose a problem with my TREO. I refuse to pay $80 a month for unlimited data. I wish they would offer some better plans.

    I am switching from Nextel to AT&T and i am not overall impressed with their plans. Maybe they will release some better ones in the next couple months.
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    Yeah I hope their plans change too! I currently on the $7.99 plan. Do you know what that get's you? A whole megabyte. I think they're spoiling me! Now, if only there was a bluetooth / wifi card out there..

    I think until the better dataplans I'll be only using email, sms and PIM functions (so I don't have to lug the clie all over too).

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    Just checked myself and see "Credit Card Approved". I ordered yesterday so maybe I'll get the T600 before my trip late next week - that would be cool, but my I've set my expectations according to Handsprings' estimates because who knows how long the "awaiting shipment" state lasts. We shall see.

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    When my buddy ordered his Cingular direct from Handspring via upgrade program he said it was one day from the "Credit Card Approved" until it shipped and he got a tracking number. So there is hope perhaps for this week yet!!!! Even given Thanksgiving holiday.
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    I am beyond pumped, put my order in Friday and also got the email. I was thinking mid-December, but if shipping is the next step then this is sweeet!

    Concerning AT&T and their data plans, rumor on is that $19.99 unlimited mmode is by Q1/Q2 of 2004. I'm going to pay for the mega mmode ($19.99) until then and just watch what I use. 8MB hopefully will be decent. I really do want to mess around with MMS, but if I gotta watch my bandwidth, then I'll just email/IM people.

    Can't wait.

    BTW - are we sure the next step after credit card authorized/accepted is shipping?

    -- Vikram
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    Answered my own question...

    Credit Card Approved We have authorized your credit card. Next step: Awaiting Shipment, or Carrier Credit Check (for orders that include a service plan or Cingular upgrade).

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    My order status just switched to Awaiting Shipment!! Just within the last 2 hours!

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    Me too, just changed to AWAITING SHIPMENT ...

    What a wonderful Thanksgiving it will be! (If overnight shipping is really overnight TONIGHT ... fingers crossed)
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    Awaiting shipment for me too... I sure hope the data prices go down as well.
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    sorry for the double post...
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    I just jumped from AT&T to Sprint specifically because of the data plans. I use my phone for some personal email and a bit of web browsing.

    In 9 days, I've used 32 megs of download.

    Good luck with 8 or 10 megs for an entire month.

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    Thanks for the warm wishes

    I keep AT&T because in my area, all my coworkers, friends, relatives, who have used Sprint get horrible service. Dropped calls, notification of voicemail when phone is on and (hasn't rung). Meaning, you're available to take a call but your calls go to voicemail instead of your phone. Issues like that have kept me away from sprint (and initially pushed me away as I was a former sprint user myself). I'll be using the treo as a phone first, pda second, wireless data device third.

    Oh yeah, one more thing.. AT&T does have horrible data plans
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    So i'm in the GSM/GPRS plan and I plan to buy just the phone.

    Can I swap my SIM card from my Sony Ericsson and use my current data plan?

    Or Am I required to sign up for a new data plan?
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    Originally posted by joshalee
    So i'm in the GSM/GPRS plan and I plan to buy just the phone.

    Can I swap my SIM card from my Sony Ericsson and use my current data plan?

    Or Am I required to sign up for a new data plan?
    Yup, that's what I intend to do! Now, if only the awaiting shipment would change... Who knows if HS is open the day before and after thanksgiving?

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    I just spoke with a very nice Handspring rep who was surprised that my order was moving through the system so fast (me too!). She confirmed that they won't be shipping orders tomorrow or Friday. So if it doesn't go out today, then we'll have to wait until next week. Which would still be within 3 weeks of my initial order, I should add. Happy Turkey Day everybody!
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    I ordered mine on 11/20 and am still in the first stage! What gives???? I'm with Cingular, but ordered through the upgrade program. Why isn't my order processing as fast as you guys? Am I missing something????
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