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    Maybe the AT&T orders are processing faster for some reason? Mine is an upgrade order too.
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    Each branded phone is a seperate batch. For example, when Tmobile's phones are ready, you should be able to get one immediatly.
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    Originally posted by farzonalmaneih
    Each branded phone is a seperate batch. For example, when Tmobile's phones are ready, you should be able to get one immediatly.
    And that's why Cingular is taking so long because they were out for sometime and there is already a backlog of orders.
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    On 11/26 at around 11:30 pm CST I received another order confirmation. My status has changed from Order Received to Awaiting Shipment!
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    So, did anyone, who had their awaiting shipment on Tuesday, get theirs today??

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    AT&T demand is lower than Cingular because the Treo 600 is locked. The Cingular orders are mostly for unlocked service which means a lot of orders were placed for these units. I think AT&T customers will receive their units quicker than any other carrier.
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    Dear [MY NAME],

    Thank you for shopping with palmOne, formerly Handspring!

    We're pleased to let you know that your order has been shipped. We appreciate your business and hope you visit our site again soon to see the latest products.

    ATT&T TREO 600 IS ON IT'S WAY!!!!!!!!!!

    I checked my email this morning and there it was. What a great way to wake up! I have a tracking number and everything and it's already in my home town and was shipped out on the 28th according to fedex tracking. This means I should have it MONDAY!
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    I thought they said they weren't shipping on the 28th!!!
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    Mine is shipping too !!! FedEx has it at Dulles Airport, but it won't be in my hands till Monday.
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    Sigh... I had an awaiting shipment on Tuesday last week and well, it still looks that way here. No shipment notification or anything. Has anyone here received their Treo 600 AT&T yet from Handspring?

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    After reading the last posts I got excited, but I just checked and I'm still awaiting shipment (for 5 days now, including the Thanksgiving weekend). Hopefully it will ship out today (for both of us!)
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    It's here! It's here.

    Now only if AT&T would wake up and get some real data plans! (atleast for non-business users, $80/month is too steep for me) <-- my little attempt at a treo 600 blog, has fedex screen shot!

    I'm at work, so this evening will be me and a treo!

    -- Vikram
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    Congrats! I hope mine changes status from awaiting shipment to shipped soon. Did you handspring order page indicate that your order has shipped or did you just get an email with no change on the HS site?

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    Odd things was I got an email Saturday in the early AM hours (timestamped) that my order shipped on Friday the 28th.

    I jumped and noticed not only had my order shipped, FedEx had the package picked up and enroute to Maryland.

    You'll get two from HS, one saying it's out, the other saying "Welcome to the Treo 600...."

    -- Vikram
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    My AT&T order finally shipped! Now I wish I had opted for express shipping rather than ground, since it's coming from Utah...
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