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    I was previously a happy user of the original FindHack (a true Hack) on old Visors as well as my T180 and T270. I recently upgraded to the new full FindHack 4.x from Florent Pillet, which is a true application and not a hack, and thus theoretically runs on a T600 under Palm OS5. Unfortunately, I have noticed an odd crash when I go to Applications, select FindHack, then select Favorites. The debug code on my T600 says Fatal Exception. Has anyone seen this on their T600? I did e-mail Florent Pillet, but thought I'd see if any new T600 users are using FindHack and can test this out. Yes, I did the uninstall/reinstall/reset dnace, to no avail.
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    I recently received my 600 and i did have Find Hack also on my visor deluxe. It was excellent...I am anxious to find out more about your problem.... I would like to transfer it to my 600 but I am not in the mood for any problems. thank you and good luck

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