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    I just got my 1st SD Card and want to load it up with music. Is there a way to make MP3 files smaller? My avg. MP3 file size is @ 4MB-7MB, which fills up a 256MB card very quickly. Can the files be compressed smaller somehow?
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    There are a couple of things you can do. No doubt you be warned by many to NEVER RE-ENCODE because going from lossy compression to lossy compression is bad...and it is, but never mind that, it works. It helps to start out with a high quality MP3, 160Kb/s +.

    You have two choices really:

    1) Transcode to a lower bitrate MP3 via many tools out there. I use 'normalize' under Linux.

    2) Transcode to .OGG from MP3. Ogg should be smaller for a given bitrate and seems to be higher quality at lower bitrates. I use 'normalize-ogg' under Linux to do this.

    One note, I don't do this to my original MP3's, they are left alone in their current bitrates for future filtering, etc. I make a Treo directory where I copy those files going to the Treo and work on them there.

    Currently, I am using 96Kb/s OGGs that have been normalized and they sound fine to me with headphones. I can tell they aren't 320Kb/s MP3's...but it isn't horrible.

    By the way, almost all of my source MP3's are 160+. 160 minimum, 192 standard, 256 for stuff that gets played around our house fairly often and a few 320's.

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    Thanks for the info. I'll try it.
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