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    I've noticed that when I call certain automated response systems that require you to interact with number presses (DTMF tones?) the receiving system does not recognize my entry from the GSM Treo 600...

    I have the problem when I call both Delta Airlines and American Express...fortunately, my voice mail system works just fine (it would be a huge issue if that didn't work, otherwise, it is a minor annoyance).

    It is as if the tone generated by the phone is too short to be "heard" by the receiving system...and there is no control (that I have found on the GSM Treo 600) to change it to emit a longer or continuous tone...
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    I have the same problem with my Sprint Treo when I call American Airlines, but it has worked on numerous others. I suspect that you are right, it must have something to do with tone length.

    I wonder if there is anything out there to increase the length of the tone. I have found myself seeking out a pay phone twice now to call American Airlines, kind of a pain.

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