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    Is it just my phone or do all Treos (600's) make a popping sound when it Syncs and when I'm playing games,etc. I tried turning the volume to the lowest setting but it still makes *POP*. Anyone else having the same problem? Is it the speaker? too tiny or something?
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    No popping sound on mine.

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    Mine does make the popping sound once in a while.
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    It could be that the sound has a "sleep" function and is being awakened when you hear it. I have noticed it on my 600 as well and it's reminiscent of the pops I hear on my PowerBook when a sound is being played after a period of silence.
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    The only POP I get is if I've got PocketTunes (basic) up on the screen stopped, when the unit shuts off the screen. It makes a light POP when the screen shuts off. Other than that, the speaker is quiet.

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