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    when i dial a number, the 270 first searches the address book. if there was no match, it switched to the numeric dial pad. awesome feature that was very very useful to me.

    i noticed that u cant do this with the 600. u have 2 options: either search the address book or use just numerics. awful.

    is there a way the 600 can be made to work like the 270. i cant believe HS took a step backward in this area or am i missing something?
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    I agree. This was one of the best features of the 270! Why they take it away on the 600!??!
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    Since the Phone app is locked to coming up with the dial pad (unless you've changed the wallpaper, but I haven't played with that), you can change the Display Preferences to either start dialing or do a contacts search...but if you have it set to contacts search, the number pad is not active, and it treats everything as a letter...if the preference is set to dial, then the number keys are active.

    I assume that since the new default view is the dial pad instead of the contacts page, is the reason for the change...I liked the feature of the 270, but I've gotten used to it though...

    There was a tip on the board to change the down arrow on the 5-way to be for Favorites instead of contacts (and change the up arrow to be contacts) - this is a very good tip...I press down arrow to favorites, and then keep going...

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