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    Ok guys/gals any help here I still have not figured this out

    MP3 playback to car speakers with patch lead lead plugged in works a charm

    When on a call output from phone also play through car speakers (double mono) but call quality for reciver is nasty from internal treo mic.. What I would like to do is plug in an extension mic.

    Would it be possible to get a lead made up that exits the treo with one branch for external microphone and the other stereo L&R pacth cord. I am assuming I can do all this from "headphone/Handsfree output and do need to break into hotsyn usb data "port".

    I tried a y adapter into treo which gave dual stero 3.5mm phono but that did not seem to work. I think I am also going to need a push to make connection on the headphone side

    This is driving me nuts so any help would be appreciated. I am thinking this has got to work as it is no different than a stereo headphone with mic set up ala skull candy.. Before I go and spend some money (and or chop up mic leads) thought I would make sure this is feasable
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    I don't think that what you're trying to do is feasible. It seems like the T600 does some sort of hardware detection to determine whether there's a low (4-8 ohm) speaker or a high impedance mic connected. You'd probably have to have some circuitry in the splitter (Y-junction) to fool the T600 and/or some software on the Treo to do this.

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