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    Will the 600 work with Top Producer via the internet?
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    Originally posted by jdrews
    Will the 600 work with Top Producer via the internet?
    I think it should. Top Producer for Palm 2.0 says it is Palm OS 5.0 compatible, and thus it should run fine on a Treo 600.

    As far as keeping in sync with a desktop computer running Top Producer 6 or 6i while you're on the road, this is possible too. You just set your Treo 600 up to do a Network Hotsync. This will use your cellular service provider's wireless internet service (e.g., Sprint calls theirs "Vision", Cingular calls theirs "Wireless Internet Express", etc). Your Treo 600 will perform a normal HotSync, only you are using your cellular provider's wireless internet service as the 'hotsync cradle'.

    Hope this helps!
    -Jeff Ishaq
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    I use Top Producer 2.0 on the Treo 600 daily. The only bug I have seen is when you enter a contact go under the "address" tab.
    Top Producer will not allow numeric input on that screen directly from the keyboard. As a workaround I have to hit the menu key, select keyboard, and enter the numbers with the stylus from the virtual keyboard.
    I have cotacted Top Producer about this and their response was to call Tech support to diagnose over the phone. since I don't have hours to spend on the phone AND I know it will come down to a software update fix, I will live with this. This is the only problem I have with it and it works GREAT for me.

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