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    Hi all -

    OK, I've got this new Treo 600 and am doing some simple HTML authoring with it. I've got VFSFTP which lets me upload memo files to my server. This makes for a very cool set-up. I can actually maintain/modify my websites from my Treo.

    However, let's say I want to "test" my files in Blazer before I upload them. How might I go about doing that? I'd be grateful for any advice.


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    What are you using to edit your HTML files on the Treo 600? I can't seem to find a good program for editing HTML.

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    I'm just doing some really simple stuff. I code everything by hand in memopad. It works just fine.

    I just want to know know if there's a way to preview these files before uploading them to my server.



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