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    actually versamail autofetch did work eventually.. just failed the first 4-5 times.

    it works, and is what I use now, althought he lack of 5-way- nav sucks
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    is there any imap email for treo that has instant notification of email. i see all these messages o people who have imap but who seem to be polling their email? might as well use pop then...
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    Chatter does this (Treo 600 only) for multiple folders...

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    how does chatter do that? does it constantly check in the background or does imap act as "always connected" and "knows" when it gets an email. some sort of alert sent? thanx marc. you are a very pateint and caring developer who makes a great product. now all i have to do is get a treo 600!!
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    Chatter is connected to the various folders and gets information about new mail pushed to it by the server. Chatter NEVER polls for messages (email or IM).

    The most recent test version of Chatter (will become the public beta soon) handles up to 8 folders on any number of different servers and/or accounts. All of these can be two-way sync'ed if desired.

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    Chatter ROCKS! True PUSH. Marc is constantly improving the app. I have 3 folders synched, flawless performance. This is THE app I have been looking for! A must for IMAP users.
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    What about battery life? Does Chatter reduce battery life a lot?
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    From our experience with various IMAP and email clients, Chatter saves battery life.

    I work at a managed hosting company where response time matters; and I take turns being on call.

    When I'm on call, like yesterday, I may be juding at a Bible quiz with my wife in a church that so dry the equipment for buzzing in for the contestants goes off with just some one moving because of the static.

    No power with a round trip including time present of approximately eight hours. The battery started at 100%, and was only down to 72%.

    I realy on Chatter to alert me when an IMAP message comes in; and then I use Snappermail to retrieve it.

    Chatter works like a charm; and, I believe Chatter saves battery life because it works in the background.

    Thank you.
    Peter M. Abraham
    Dynamic Net, Inc.
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    How do you add other folders to Chatter to work with IMAP?
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    katahdin: My suggestion would be to sign up for the imap discussion list at

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    I just joined this web site. I use VersaMail 2.5 and do autofetching. I have also gotten the message about the last autofetching failing. This was because I had my phone turned off, or I had lost the phone signal.

    I moved my VersaMail from my Zire 71 to my Treo 600. Works great. Actually works better on the Treo than it did using a modem attachment. The folder synchronization works better wirelessly -- although it is a bit funky.

    I do IMAP connectivity to my business RAS, a POP3 connection to my AT&T account, and to my SprintPCS mail account. One thing I haven't tried is the synchronization to my mail via hotsync. I did that on the Zire several times, but the network synchronization of my GroupWise mailbox was sooooo sloooooooow that I used the modem more often than not...

    Now with the Treo 600 I can autofetch to my heart's content.
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