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    Ordered Sprint version on 10/28 - stuck on Awaiting Shipment.

    Everytime I call - I get a different excuse/lie/contradiction. They put me on hold - check - then come back and say - pretty idea (all in different ways) to passify me.

    Anyone else seeing any movement or have better luck?
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    If you ordered it over a month ago and havent gotten it yet something is seriously wrong...............I would call, and if you dont get a guarantee it has shipped, keeping asking to talk to the persons boss......Something is wrong....
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    At this point you could almost cancel your order, walk into a store and walk out with one.
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    I called handspring so many times, that the last time I called - I actually talked to the same kind C/S rep who I talked to at the beginning of the day!

    Checking email at 3:00 AM - I got the EMAIL I've been waiting for....It's on the way.

    Enough complaining will get you everywhere!

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