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    I'm going to be spending a month in Shanghai. Can my Sprint T600 work there?
    Reading the other posts, it looks like someone with a Sprint phone can use the Verizon network if they know the MSL of their phone.
    If I were to know the MSL of my phone, would I be able to use it in Shanghai?
    If so, would Sprint give me the MSL number, or would I need to find alternative means?
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    This is a question I am interested as well. I think the Sprint version looks better than the silver ones.

    There is CDMA network in China operated by China Unicom. I am not sure if they have a roaming agreement with Sprint, probably not.

    The CDMA phones in China use slightly different user identification system, which requires a SIM card (they might call it differently though, but it is essentially the same thing as a SIM card). So getting the MSL number and change the Spring set up may work or may not.

    My advice is get your MSL ready when you come to China and ask the China Unicom engineers to figure out whether they can make it work for you.

    Let me know the result!
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    Thanks for the info! Now that I know the name of the provider is China Unicom, I've asked my gf to ask them for me. Hopefully she'll find someone there that is more informed than the ones that work for Sprint!
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    I have spent months in china a different times.

    CDMA is a US invention, that has been exported to a couple central/south american countries by US carriers. A few Asain countries are rolling out CDMA service (China, Nepal and Korea).

    Now having said that I would verify with China Unicom that they have CDMA service where you plan to visit. This is a new setup for them they are trying to setup a CDMA network but not sure what stage of developemnt it is in right now.

    Sprint is a US carrier not a international carrier. The phone will only work in a country that has CDMA service AND has a international Roaming agreement with sprint. That is about 6 countries worldwide.

    Maybe check sprints site for roaming in china.
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    I am leaving for Shanghi too, end of this week. I have a three week stay at Chip Pac. I am bringing the T600 for at least PDA use, but would love to surf. Let me know what your GF finds out.
    Regards, Matt Burkhard
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    I can almosr guarantee that you won't be able to surf even if you can make calls. In countries like Canada, where CDMA is very widespread, you can make and receive calls, receive voicemail and text notifications but, alas, you get no data. I hope this changes but if you want international access to data, GSM/GPRS is the only way to go
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    I do not know what CDMA USA or China use but I have never heard that anyone has successfully roamed in China with a USA CDMA phone.

    FYI, CDMA in China DOES use sim cards in the phones! And it has been so for 1-2 years. I think China is the first country in the world to use sim cards on CDMA phones.
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    Last month I got back from a tour of Asia. I now remember seeing billboards for China Unicom advertising CDMA in Shanghai, and another carrier advertising in Saigon. I would have asked then, but I didn't think I would ever return. BTW, Hong Kong does not have CDMA, but Japan does.

    It might take a while for her to find out. Everybody there works 12 hours a day, 6 days a week!

    Sprint only has GSM international roaming in Shanghai for: $1.29/min. Long Distance $5.20/min. Click Here For the amount that Sprint wants to charge for service and to lease a phone, I find it cheaper to buy one there.

    I accept the the fact that I might not be able to surf, but the predicament I'm in is, if I can't use my Treo for phone calls, I will need to buy/rent a phone there. And if I do, should I bring my Treo with me, or leave it at home?

    I remember reading somewhere that Sprint is going to start using SIMs in their phones next year.
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    Check out this thread from It talks about the new PRL 10021 from last month that included Hong Kong roaming (?!?). No news about Shangai but...
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    Well look at this, Sprint is building China Unicom's CDMA network!,00.html

    Overland Park, Kan. June 11, 2002

    Sprint (NYSE: FON, PCS), which is the fastest growing wireless carrier in the United States and operates the largest all-digital, all-PCS nationwide network, and China Unicom, the second largest mobile operator in China, announced an agreement in which Sprint will provide training and consulting services to assist China Unicom with its wireless CDMA operations.

    Both parties anticipate that this agreement will be a first step leading to a broader relationship between Sprint and China Unicom, aimed at supporting the continuing development and adoption of CDMA2000 technology.

    "With just over 120 million global CDMA subscribers, our goal is to continue the momentum of the growth of CDMA," said Bill Blessing, senior vice president, Business Development and Strategy, PCS division, Sprint. "Sprint's selection of a CDMA2000 migration strategy will allow our network transition to 3G services to be made with relative ease and less expense compared to most other carriers."

    "After China's entry of WTO China Unicom is implementing its strategy of go abroad. I believe that the signing and fulfillment of this agreement will help Unicom to improve its management. It will also be beneficial to Unicom CDMA network construction and operation. And the communication and cooperation between Unicom and Sprint will be strengthened," said Mr. Shang Bing, Vice President of China Unicom.
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    I have my Sprint T600 in Shanghai right now and have a connection. It says Roaming. When I call a number, I get a mesage saysing that I need to sighn up or get permision to use it here. I assume they want to know who is on their carrier for obvoius reasons.
    Regards, Matt burkhard.

    BTW, when you try to surf, you get an error sayind that one can not surf when roaming.

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