I just called Cingular Wireless cause I was bored of waiting for my Treo 600 ordered on the 11/13 on Handspring web site.

The Cingular C/R told me they're out of stock and they were not able to provide me information on when they'll receive new Treo 600. I called a couple of Cingular shops around the Bay Area and all the shops are out of Treo 600.

Just for info if you renew your contract for 1 year the price tag will be $550 and for 2 year $500. The best deal ever was to buy your Treo online with a old serial number.

For my point of view Handspring has to ship to carrier first and second to the customers who ordered online. I don't think Handspring care about customers who ordered on their website. Like every company they focus on Carriers only and they fu... simple customers...