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    I did a search on the forum, but saw no answer to this one. Can anyone answer it?

    Is there a way to check your battery level, without pulling out the stylus and pressing on the little battery icon? Many thanks, if you have the answer!
    --- Baba
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    Use your finger
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    Believe me, when I read your message, I used my finger, alright!

    But seriously, since most software on the T600 is so optimized for one-handed use without the stylus, it seems that they should have provided some means to check the battery status either with the navigation keys or from a Launcher application.

    Anyone know of a way to do it?
    --- Baba
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    Would I be correct in assuming that by 'battery level' you mean a % value, rather then the nice prettly little graphic (which is quite accurate) on the phone screen?
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    Yeah, especially as it gets low, when I question whether to place a call or wait until I can recharge. Of course, you should keep it topped off, ....

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