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    can I set ringtones by contact categories or is it only favourites I can do that for?
    or ideally I have a line 2 service (2 phone numbers on 1 phone) and would like to be able to set ringtones based on which line is being called.
    any ideas?
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    Off topic, I know, but who do you have your service with? I kinda want to move my old phone number over to my new phone on sprint...
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    I'm on Orange UK
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    TC Ringer lets you set ringtones based on categories from your contact book, however, the current version of TC does not yet support the 600. It is a great s/w package though, and I am eagerly awaiting the new release.

    as far as multi-line ringers, I don't know of any app that will do that, but I have never actually looked into it, so maybe there is something out there...
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    just what I was after thanks
    roll on the new version
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    seems like the newest version of TC Ringer is as elusive as the T-Mo version of the T600. This app should have been ready for the T600 release, it's ridiculous that it's taken this long!
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    Hear hear. In fact, HS should follow Microsoft's cue and bundle this little gem into the OS. Heck, it's a standard feature in most other phones already.
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    I'm thinking TCringer is MIA vapor ware at this point.................................

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