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    Has anybody had success in porting a number between two carriers today? If so, please post your experience. I've requested a port from Sprint PCS to AT&T. It took the CSR over an hour to find the right person to process the request. They gave 2.5-3 hours as the expected time to complete (FCC recommended time). That was at about 11:30 EST - it's now 3:10pm EST and nothing yet. I imagine it's going to take a couple of days.
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    I requested a port from AT&T to Sprint at 7:30 pm PST tonight. It was the CSR's first portability after 6 hours on the clock. It was slow but after 45 minutes everything seemed complete. The CSR said it would take 4 hours for the switch. 15 minutes later, he called me back saying "that it could take up to 2 days."
    His screen said that my account change was pending still. No new service as of 11 pm PST. I will update when service is started.
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    Well, 24 hours later and still no ported number. I'm on the phone with AT&T right now and basically, the CSR has no idea what I'm talking about. After an hour of him talking to tech, I think he finally understands what my request is. Perhaps not, though. We'll see when he gets back from putting me on hold for the 10th time.

    Is it really possible that the wireless carriers haven't fully informed their CSRs of this monumental shift in the way their companies need to do business? Obviously, that question is completely rhetorical as I know the answer is a disappointing "Yes".

    I'll post success whenever it finally occurs.
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    I took my long time Cincinnati Bell number (AT&T) and had them swap it with the newer number i got when i set up a new sprint account upon the arrival of my T600. seemed to go smoothly but i can't receive calls yet. i can dial out though. its been about 20 hours since i first called to have it done.
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    Originally posted by BP57
    seemed to go smoothly but i can't receive calls yet. i can dial out though.
    But my guess is that the number that you're dialing out on is the new number that Sprint assigned you. If so, this is my case as well.
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    Actually its not. My old CB number is what shows up on caller id's so that part of it is working.
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    Very nice, then. At least you've won half the battle! It would seem like your request is in full process then. I am not so fortunate.
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    I guess I'll find out on the 30th. Thats when my port and number change will go through. I went and bought the Treo a week ago, then called Sprint last night and asked about the transfer from Verizon, they said it could be done, so I went through with it.

    It seemed too easy however, because I have never had anything simple when dealing with Sprint (I should share the epic that was me getting DSL...) so I can expect having to call Sprint on the 30th.


    If you're switching from Verizon, but you don't want to cancel the Verizon service for whatever reason, you have 90 days to get a new number from them, else the contract is terminated or something. I had the Verizon rep on the phone go confirm it, because initially she said once you port the number the service is terminated.

    Small heads up.
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    We were actually set up do port numbers over since 2001 when it passed the first time, and since then we've set up our automated system up much better than then. I've personally handled 2 ports so far (one from AT&T and one from Cingular onto a shared plan here with Sprint) last night around 8pm CST. and our part of it went smoothly. AT&T hasn't released the cutomer's number as of 5 minutes ago 11:50am CST, but Cingular released the number within 4 hours yesterday.
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    Contacted Sprint to switch me over from AT&T yesterday, I was told it would be complete by Midnight. Immediately my AT&T phone stopped working, then my Sprint Phone number changed to a different number. The new number was not the # I was porting over. Now it's 10am, I have a phone number that no one knows about and I'm on hold listening to Muzak waiting for Sprint to figure it out.

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    A friend of mine ported to T-Mobile. He had to give the sales guy his phone number and social security number, and it took about half an hour to go through as approved. He could make calls on his new phone immediately, but it took about 4 hours for the complete switchover so that he could recieve calls on his new phone and not the old one. Don't cancell your old phone account before you try and port your number. Everything was really easy with T-Mobile though, and the sales people knew what was going on.
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    *sigh* I called sprint to activate my phone and to port my cingular number over, the person who picked up was a complete first dayer and english wasn't her first language, so after a frustrating one and a half hour of repeating myself over and over and over, and listening to her broken english repeat all the errors slowly, I finally got it approved and was told 10 hours.

    Its now been 25 hours since I called in and nothing. I called in again today and was told the 29th, and I can't cancel my other service because I wont be able to change my number. GRRR THIS SUCKS because my next billing period starts on the 26th (tomorrow) and I have to pay SPRINT's BILL AND my CINGULAR bill for 3 days of usage? I don't want to pay my cingular bill again and i've waited nearly a month to GET my phone then A WEEK to activate it because of portability.

    Can anyone help me out here? What should I do?
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    They still haven't got mine to work completely. apparently there is some problems that others are having like mine, i.e. not receiving calls. they said it will be fixed in 2 hours.

    i would drop your cingular down to the lowest rate possible, put call forwarding on it and turn it off for 3 days. that's what i did with my cincinnati bell. make sure call forwarding doesn't cost you though. most carriers prorate your monthly fee so in the case of CB i would only pay for those 3 days which can't be too much.
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    Originally posted by Voidus
    THIS SUCKS because my next billing period starts on the 26th (tomorrow) and I have to pay SPRINT's BILL AND my CINGULAR bill for 3 days of usage? I don't want to pay my cingular bill again and i've waited nearly a month to GET my phone then A WEEK to activate it because of portability.
    Are you sure you will have to pay a full month's bill? I called T-Mobile yesterday before I switched and they were all teary about me leaving but said that my final month would be prorated. I'll believe it when I see it, but I got the badge number of the rep who told me, so ....

    And like the earlier poster, Sprint told me it would take up to five days before it will be transferred. To make matters worse, they first gave me a temporary number, and I had Vision up and running; then they told me to call back in two hours to put the portability option in, as the system was down. When I called back, they took away the temporary number, and had me program my t-mobile number in. Now I'm afraid I'll have trouble getting vision provisioned again when it comes over. We'll see.
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    Has anyone had a successful transfer to Sprint? Or more specificly, from Cingular to Sprint?

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    I called Sprint yesterday to transfer my phone number (from Verizon Wireless). They said the phone should work for outgoing within 4 hours, and for incoming within about 12 hours. BTW, my new service is 8pm N&W, 300 minutes, nulimited PCS-PCS, $30/month, w/ a 2-year contract and a $150 service credit for the Treo 600.

    Today, it doesn't work yet for incoming or outgoing. I called Sprint and got transferred to a CSR who told me it could 5 days because I was a landline transfer. Upon explaining for the 4th time that I was transferring a cell number, she changed the story.

    She told me that since I was one of the first 100 transfers (highly doubtful-- I called after noon P.S.T.), it could take up to 5 days. I repeatedly asked to talk to a supervisor, but was told he was unavailable. Finally, the CSR relented and agreed to have him call me back. We'll see.

    The thing is, if they told me up front that it would take 5 days, I'd probably just wait. But I figure something's messed up in the system (trouble activating phone, trouble w/ Verizon Wireless, etc.), so I want to expedite things. Still waiting...
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    I tried to do the number port from T-Mobile to Sprint and it was a nightmare. First it took 2+ hours on the phone with Sprint to get this number port started. The Sprint rep even admitted that she didn't know what she was doing since they've never done this even though they were supposed to be trained on this stuff. Also they forced me to lose my $10 Vision to pay for the $15 vision. When I finally got done with Sprint on the phone they told me 6 hours to get things working. That was 20 hours ago. When I called in again they said that it'll take 5 days to get things working and that the hold up is there system not T-Mobile. The rep told me flatout that it's Sprint who can't get things working on their side of things for the number port. The rep also said that they have been telling all number port customers that it's going to take 5 days to port a number to Sprint! Who runs things at Sprint? Nothing ever works right with Sprint! I left them because of this but I came back because of the Treo 600... now it looks like I made a mistake... same old Sprint....
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    Well, 48 hours later, AT&T has successfully taken custody of my Sprint PCS number. My Sprint account has been cancelled and if I call my number, I get a message saying "Thank you for calling AT&T Wireless, the number you have dialed is no longer in service."

    I've called several times, been disconnected twice, and ultimately told that there seems to be a problem and it's going to take another 48-72 hours. If AT&T already has custody of the number, I can't imagine why it would take longer than a half-hour.

    I'm leaving Sprint b/c of their absolutely horrid customer service and my first experience with AT&T is not encouraging.
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    I'm having a T-mobile number moved over to my Sprint phone. I understand about not being able to recieve inbound calls, but I'm hearing mixed responses about being able to make calls from my Sprint T600. Now, my T600 is offline to Dec. 1. Several people at sprint told me I should be able to make calls, but not recieve. They put me in touch with a tech that says I can't make calls. Does anybody know the accurate answer to this?

    How is the process supposed to work?

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    FYI- I have been on the phone with AT&T for about a half an hour. They said there computers went down while I was on the phone with them and they anticipate a 2 hour wait for them to come back up. (probably a worst case scenario). It's 4:28 Central Time here. I was able to give the my account #, Sprint phone #, etc. and get put in the 'queue'. At least I got the ball rolling on switching my number from Sprint to AT&T. We'll see how it goes.
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