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    I'm moving from T-mobile to Sprint too.

    "Not being able to receive calls but you should be able make calls out"

    That's BS! That's what the reps are telling everyone. I was told the samething. I gotten a level 2 tech, a supervior, WLNP rep for sprint... no one has a clue how and why things are not working. First they blamed T-mobile. So I called T-mobile and sure enough they released the number when the first request came in. Then Sprint told me it's just the way it is and you'll be able to make calls out in a few hours. More lies... can't make calls out after 2 days. Everytime I call they give me a new excuse, no real answers.

    They keep telling me that I'll have to wait until Nov. 30th to have everything working. I'll bet my Treo 600 that things will not work even after Nov. 30th! Same old Sprint!
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    Well, it's working! At least for outbound calls. Vision works too. Sprint called me today to ask for my social (same rep I had talked to yesterday), as I guess Verizon needed that instead of my actual account number. No idea if it's related. Anyways, outgoing calls work fine, hopefully incoming will start working soon enough. Hooray!
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    I bought my Treo 600 at Sprint on Saturday, and was told my number would be ported by this evening at 7:00. The status on the web site ( said my phone would be live at 9:00 this morning.

    Both times came and went, and the transfer hasn't happened.

    I called Sprint and spent 25 minutes on hold. I hung up and tried again. I was connected to a special department that handles portability. A rep named Karen helped me. She told me they had sent Cingular my request, but that Cingular couldn't find my account. She told me they had sent my home address as my billing address, which is incorrect since I use a billing service. We updated that, she put me on hold, and by the time she came back on in a few minutes, said she had already received confirmation from Cingular that my number was ready for transfer.

    Karen said that my phone would be activated some time tonight or tomorrow, in about 12 hours.

    I went back to the web site to check: 2 days, 22 hours. The site says I'll know my phone is active when I can log in to the site. I tried that, and that page's estimate of my activation: 3 days, 7 hours. I called the customer service number (*2) and the estimate there is for 3 days, 7 hours as well.

    Hopefully they'll get better at these transfers as time goes by.

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    Cingular to Sprint = Nightmare.

    8 hours on the phone over the past week.

    Seems the information I give Cingular has to be an _exact_ match to the information I give Sprint. Cingular had made up a fake Tax ID number to fill in that field on my profile for some reason. There was no way I could know they had done that or what the number would be (10-1111110).

    The number to the department that actually handles these problems at Sprint is 866-597-1469. If you go through *2 or the main Sprint number you will have to wait on hold to get a rep who will then wait on hold with you as you wait for someone in that department. Might as well skip the first hold....
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    Well, my port from Sprint to AT&T still hasn't happened. The orginal request was made on Nov. 24th. By Nov. 25th, AT&T had taken custody of the number. Only the good Lord above knows what has transpired since. It seems every time I call AT&T, their systems are being updated. They've promised, and subsequently missed, about 7 estimated times of completion. It's a total joke at this point.

    The irony here is that I left Sprint because of THEIR poor customer service!
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    I, too, started my saga on the 24th like NBP. 2nd poster...My ATT to Sprint portability hasn't happened either. After calling Sprint 7 times and ATT 5 times. Sprint blames ATT. Then ATT told me that they never got portability request from Sprint. So Sprint reran the request. Now I can't even talk to ATT anymore because the ATT portability # 1-800-241-0335 says they can't handle calls anymore because of high volume. fubar
    Early adopters always lose...

    Learn from my mistake...

    Wait a couple months until the smoke clears, then port your number.
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    You can try this AT&T portability number as well 800.243.6530. However, AT&T's systems are still down so after staying on hold for 30 minutes, the CSR will tell you that they can't access your account. It's amazing to me that AT&T (or any of the wireless carriers) hold themselves out to be leaders in technology, yet they've had system issues since Nov. 1 that have prevented access to any accounts more than 60% of the time.
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    I switched from from AT&T to Sprint last Friday. Sales Rep told me it could take anywhere from 12 hours to 2 weeks. I checked the sprintpcs site and it told me that the number would be transfered over on Monday at 4pm. Sure enough, at 4 my Treo started working and my old phone stopped. Didn't have any problems.
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    We are now over the two-week point and no progress from AT&T. Here is what has to say:

    Glitches' Brew: Software Stings AT&T Wireless
    By Scott Moritz
    Senior Writer
    12/05/2003 02:40 PM EST

    Muffed customer handoffs are giving rise to finger-pointing at AT&T Wireless (AWE:NYSE) .

    Nearly two weeks after wireless number portability rules took effect, AT&T Wireless stands out for its poor performance. Portability, which enables customers to keep their phone numbers while switching service providers, has been a challenge for nearly all of the wireless phone companies. But AT&T's problems have been worse, and they have been compounded by its use of a different customer-tracking system than all the other major carriers, say analysts.

    The problems heated up this week, when a letter written by NeuStar, the closely held software vendor hired by AT&T Wireless to act as the clearinghouse for its customer switching requests, blamed a rival TSI Telecommunications for the glitches. TSI says the problem is Neustar's.

    Meanwhile, the brewing controversy has pressured shares in Evolving Systems (EVOL:Nasdaq) , an order administrator being used by NeuStar and AT&T Wireless. Evolving shares dropped 81 cents, or 5%, to $14.84 Friday, capping a 21% decline for the week. Investors evidently fear there may be some fallout in coming weeks from AT&T's shortfalls.

    "Our software is working with no significant problems at any of our customers' accounts," Evolving chief George Hallenbeck said Friday.

    Compounding AT&T Wireless' apparent NeuStar compatibility issue is the fact that every other major wireless carrier uses TSI, says CIBC World Markets analyst Gregor Dannacher. "If it's truly a software fix, they could just pay people to solve it," says Dannacher, who has a buy rating on AT&T Wireless. "But if it's an architectural difference, then that may cause bigger problems."

    The latest problems come at a difficult time for AT&T Wireless. The No. 3 cell-phone service is widely seen as one of the biggest losers as the industry plays a game of number-portability musical chairs. The rap on the Redmond, Wash., company is that many customers are unhappy with the company's network quality. AT&T Wireless was also one of the strongest opponents of number portability and one of the last carriers to jump on board once the shift became inevitable. AT&T Wireless shares were off a nickel Friday at $7.24.

    Though AT&T Wireless says it has been fully compliant with the new rules, observers say it's easy to get the impression that there's been some foot-dragging as the company gets forced into a process that stands to rob it of customers. Curiously, that perception has been reinforced by reports from people involved in the process who say the greatest difficulty has been had by customers trying to leave AT&T.

    An AT&T Wireless representative declined to comment on the relative switching success of inbound and outbound customers. He added that any suggestion that the company is trying to keep customers against their will is "absolutely, utterly false."

    This is the second high-profile software glitch for AT&T Wireless in as many months. The company is still trying to resolve problems with Siebel (SEBL:Nasdaq) software used to activate new customers on its global systems for mobile, or GSM, network. A month ago, AT&T Wireless lost the ability to move customers to its GSM service after it installed a Siebel upgrade.

    An AT&T spokesman said the the company is "almost there" in its effort to fully restore the system.
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    The Sprint reps tell me that my port from CINGULAR to sprint is having problems because of AT&T... 2 weeks and my phone is still not working. *sigh*
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    Me too. Two weeks for Cingular to Sprint. So far spent more than 12 hours on the phone and spoken with reps 23 times. Tried yesterday to get a service credit -- figured a month was in order but was offered nothing by one rep and 60 minutes by another. Part of the problem has been Cingular, but a big problem is Sprint and how little the Customer Service reps knew about what the portability department was doing -- not to mention the 4 reps so far who have sworn they would call me back and then done nothing of the sort.

    Anyone get anything decent from Sprint in terms of service credit?
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    Every morning for 2 weeks, I have been calling my wife's number to see if her # was ported from AT&T to Sprint. Finally, this morning it was. It took 15 days and probably 20 calls between AT&T and Sprint.
    Don't believe anyone.
    They have no accountability, so they can tell you anything you want to hear.
    Sprint rep have a ID # though. So if you can get the ID, you can have another Sprint rep contact them for you and they are supposed to call you back. You can't contact them directly.
    I tried this, but I wasn't given a complete Sprint ID so I could never contact the original guy again.
    Make sure the portability info you give to the rep is EXACTLY the same as your old company's bill info or it will be rejected by that company. In my case, I gave my wife's middle initial but there wasn't one on the bill, so AT&T rejected it the first time.
    Hang in there NBP.
    I got a $15 credit for my trouble on the Sprint shared plan.
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    I successfully ported a number from Verizon to Sprint in order to assign it to my Treo which was already active on Sprint. It took 3 days and the transfer occurred within an hour of when I was told (Verizon phone stopped working and Sprint phone began receiving the calls to the ported number). The only glitch was that within the first day of the 3 day period, Sprint changed the number on my phone to the ported number, but since calls to that number weren't yet being routed to Sprint, I couldn't receive calls on my Treo until the switch occurred 2 days later. You would hope that they wouldn't change the number on the Sprint phone until just before the updates were made in the switching databases. But I imagine getting the timing right would be a little challenging.
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    i've been waiting for my port from tmobile to sprint the 6th.

    they told me it would be completed by 8th, 6pm. as of this
    writing, it's not.

    i'm able to make outbound calls and use vision.
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    Anybody had success transfering a SBC landline to Cingular mobile line? (to be specific my landline has DSL and in the nothern californa region). I applied for a new mobile service on Cingular's website on 11/29 asking to transfer my SBC landline to the new GSM Treo 600. I got my phone on 12/10 and when I tried to activate they said my transfer app has been "resubmitted" and a text message will be sent when the transfer is complete. So far I did not get any text message and don't have mobile service (landline still works).
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    Well, nearly 4 weeks after my original port request, AT&T has finally successfully completed my port from Sprint PCS. As the 30-day point was approaching, I called AT&T to cancel my service and only then did people start making things happen.
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