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    I'm probably really late to the party with this comment but here goes:

    I've just discovered on my recently acquired Treo 180 that I can't sort my contacts by company name. What's up with that?

    I checked the Treo FAQ at Handspring and it states:

    "How do I sort my address book (or contacts) by company?

    The Palm OS AddressBook (known as Contacts for Treo devices) supports sorting by First name, Last Name or Last name, First name. There are no other sort options available. The Find function works very well for locating information in your database of names where you want to search for items in other fields such as company name or within the custom fields or address."

    That's pretty lame and then they go on to suggest 3rd party applications.

    I just hauled out my old m105 from the depths of my desk drawer, plugged in some batteries and lo and behold, there is an option to sort addresses by COMPANY name. This is odd because it would seem that sorting by COMPANY name would be a lot more useful on the Treo. Duh.

    I even checked the Treo 600 user manual and it also suggests using the find function to find by company name.

    I don't get it.

    Is this a limitation of POS when hooked up to a smartphone or what?
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    Companies that provide the hardware platform are not obligated to provide full functional software.

    At a minimun, they provide some functionality as they workout some agreement with the original developers, specially if the hardware vendor does not make the software themselves (although they may make a some kind of a branding agreement to make it seem like the software was from Palm or Handspring). The additional functions provided by these software make the hardware product more attractive.

    Take for example, Datebook is not the full working version but it is good enough for regular usage.

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