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    I apologize if this topic has been covered already, but the 'Search' feature on this forum is agonizingly slow.

    Is it possible to load a .prc file on to a SD card and install the application from there? Sometimes I forget to bring my USB cable home and I would like the option of loading applications from an external card.

    Do I need a special program to do this?
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    I have never, ever hot synced my Treo 600. Everything I have on the internal card was loaded from a SD card. I am a vintage computer collector and don't own a computer with a USB port so I use a PC card reader with my PowerBook to load programs on a SD card. So far I have 52 programs minus the ones that came already installed in ram. SnapperMail support explained to me how to give my Treo 600 a hot sync name using a freeware utility program. I chose to use Palm Name and it works fine. I move files from my SD card using FileZ which gives me the added bonus of being able to see my audio and video files. BTW, I would also recommend using Botzam to backup to your SD card.


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