Hey Folks,
This one really has me stumped.
I just upgraded from a Treo 300, to a Treo 600 (US sprint). I was using geeksounds on the 300, which synced to the new device. The trick is I want to use the polyphonic sounds that come with the treo. So I followed the uninstall intructions for geeksounds (you install a pdb called uninstall, which is supposed to restore the original system sounds)

Here is the situation. I can access the Treo 600 alarm sounds in the built in calendar and phone apps (I have acces to all the ring tones) But in 3rd party apps like Datebk 5 and Bugme, I can only access the 5 old standard palm tones (scifi, chirp, wake up, etc)
How can I get rid of those, I want my new tones. . . Any thoughts, thanks,