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    Last Friday, I received my Cingular Treo 600 for use on my T-Mobile account. Things I am very happy with:

    1. No problems whatsoever using this phone with T-Mobile's network. I have made calls, used GPRS (a lot), obtained T-Mobile insurance, set up email, etc. I don't see any clue that this phone came from the Cingular batch except for the Cingular logo which appears when turning on the phone or after a soft-reset.

    2. My Egrips (which took a few weeks to arrive after I ordered them) look and work great on the phone. I received the all-silver version which have dimples. I originally ordered the non-dimpled version, but was shipped a newer, thinner dimpled version because the kind I ordered was "discontinued." I'm fine with the change, as the dimples look kind of cool. The Egrips color matches great and looks like it came as part of the phone rather than an accessory. I'm very happy with this purchase. I recommend everyone give Egrips a serious look.

    3. My Boxwave screen protector was kind of difficult to attach to the Treo, but it looks great and gives great peace of mind when I use the stylus for various apps like Bugme! and some games. With this good screen protector now protecting my screen, I'm going to test out the very cool game Mulg on the T600.

    4. I wasn't planning on using a case at all, but my Treo box included a very nice leather case (mmmm, smells good) with a belt clip. Since the case was an unexpected bonus, I'll probably use it occasionally when I don't want to put the Treo in my pocket.

    Bottom line: Cingular version on T-Moble with Egrips, Boxwave screen protector, T-Mobile insurance, GPRS and bonus case rocks!
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    NICE! Best of luck with it. I'm still going to wait for the "Official" T-Mobile supported 600. My 270 has been working well and it gives me a little more time to save some more jingle for the 600.
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    Can you post a pic with the egrips on your treo?
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    Originally posted by infobhan
    Can you post a pic with the egrips on your treo?
    Sorry, my only digital camera is on my Treo.
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    glad it is working so well. i am still holdiing out for the tmobile version. i know i might be waiting! hopefully not too long.
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    The T-Mobile version is already available according to a Tmobile rep I spoke with last week (Although they are known for being wrong). I also have a Cingular branded Treo 600 and the Tmobile rep was very helpful in walking me through getting it going.
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    so, you just buy a Cingular version, and pick cingular on the form when you order, even though you're a T-Mobile customer? No problems at all? Hmmm.....
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    That I cant say for certain. I bought mine off of Ebay and it was billed as "unlocked." However, it does have the Cingular splash screen when you start the phone.
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    Originally posted by GregGaub
    so, you just buy a Cingular version, and pick cingular on the form when you order, even though you're a T-Mobile customer? No problems at all? Hmmm.....
    Yep. I did and I now join a magnitude of sim-tmobilers waiting for a Cingular phone before Christmas. Hey Greg I still remember you from the old Treo 270 days! You're late buddy.
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    Not late, just lurking. And I've been stuck with my 180 since way back when. It actually (well, the second one anyway) just finally broke on me. After a good 18 months of heavy use, the flip lid cracked and broke off. Of course, no love from Handspring or T-Mobile since "damage" is not covered, even under a warranty (hello? anyone heard of a lemon?), so I used some carefully applied layers of super glue, and treat it like a baby until I get me a Treo 600. Anyway, I'm keeping my eyes peeled on this site, of course, learning all I can. Too bad the camera isn't even as good as the Zire 71 (especially in light sensitivity) but I think I'll survive. Now I'm really tempted by this Cingular proposition, especially since it looks like T-Mobile is further off than expected. This time, though, I'm happy to let other people do all the quirk finding and accessory testing. ;-)
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