Hello mines,

I was following with great interest your thread on getting the t600 to work on the Verizon network. How are you progressing? Your last entry said that if you could get a hold of the Universal PST software, you could use it with "tethered" mode to program the PRI of the Treo600.

So far I've been able to reprogram my T600 to my Verizon account (ie, did the MSID change, ESN change, etc.). But I also cannot get the T600 to use the Verizon PRI.

Any luck on your end? Thanks.

And my offer still stands (which I sent to you via private email as well): I'm willing to invest money into your efforts! I'll send you PayPal funds (ie, if you need to buy software, etc.) if it will get my Treo working on my Verizon account! Let me know...