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    Twice now my batter level indicator has become "stuck" at about the 80-90% level and required a soft reset to display the proper level.

    One time I was charging it for several hours and it never showed 100% so I thougt I'd try a soft reset and sure enough it jumped to 100%

    Yesterday I was testing some software and had a reset. Before the restet I was at 80-90% and after the reset I was in the red and received a low batter warning. The low battery was probably correct as I had been using it all weekend without charging but it clearly wasn't displaying the proper battery % before the reset.

    Anyone else seen this? I am using the sprint version.
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    same here. happen twice when batt about 20-30% left . I noticed it happen when i have played mp3 using pocket tunes 2.1. After 20min, battery level still 30%. after reset batt become 18%. probably has confilct with pocket tunes?. Still monitor. Using GSM unlock in South east asia

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