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    When you call the Sprint activation number for Treos (the one above, not Sprint in general), are you able to port you old phone number? I'm assuming it should be no problem, but anyone able to confirm this yet?
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    you mean from an old sprint phone?
    i ported my t300's number to my t600.

    this has nothing to do with the number portability law, btw.
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    I ported my number this morning as I activated service with Sprint. They told me it would be done by the 29th, at the latest. Said it could be much earlier, but they just didn't know since it would depend on how many requests came through this morning.
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    Thanks for the info. To clarify, I am talking about porting from another carrier, not Sprint.
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    So, if it's not ported to Sprint until the 29th, what happens in the meantime? Are you still activated on your old carrier? Did Sprint give you a temp number, or do you just have to wait?

    BTW, which carrier are you leaving? If it's Verizon, do they no about you switching yet?


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    I'm leaving Cingular. They do not know. Should I call them? I still have one line I'm keeping with them on that shared minutes plan for the time being.

    My Cingular phone will keep the number until it switches to the new phone. There may be a gap in service, though I don't know more. In the meantime, I have a great Treo600 PDA and camera.
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    Originally posted by joelbra
    I'm leaving Cingular. They do not know. Should I call them?
    I believe that the new carrier notifies the old carrier as part of the process. The user doesn't need to do anything AFAIKAFAIKAFAIK.
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    Well I called in to activate my phone today at 11am. I wanted my number to be ported from Cingular. The person who was servicing me made me want to strangle her, she was slow, said yes at inappropiate times (im assume english isnt her first language, if thats true, why is she working customer service?), I had to repeat EVERYTHING I said to her slowly and spell EVERYTHING out at least three times, in which she'd go and mix up the letters anyway, repeat the PLAN I wanted 6 times before she got it, then I wasn't too sure she understood me so I had her go through each of the options I wanted (basic 300 mins, PCS Professional, Insurance), and then I find out that she puts me on PCS POCKETPC, so after explaining to her that my phone is a PALM and not a Pocket PC and that I do not wish to be charged extra for pocket PC service, she had to get a supervisor to check for her. Ok after ALL that, I had to explain to her about the $100 1 year discount that Sprint was offering on the Treo 600. She didnt understand THAT, after explaining that 3 times over she went to check on the offer. By now i've been put on hold at least for a total of 30 minutes (in fact I took a shower during one of the holds when she told me I was going to be on hold for 10 minutes). She comes back and says "Yes? Sorry that offer is no longer valid, yes? It only valid from October 1st 2002 to November 22 2002. Yes?" Sooooo, after ripping out a few clumps of hair and explaining that she was looking at the wrong offer, considering her offer expired LAST YEAR, I told her to pull up the website. After her fumbling around for 10 minutes trying to find the "special offers" button to push, I said f**k it and booted up my computer and showed her where it was exactly. She reads over it and then go fetches her supervisor again, at this point i've gone from waking up, calling sprint, put on hold, taken shower, gotten dressed, and in the car on the way to the big city. She finally says that my phone will be activated in four hours, then I get put on hold again, and she comes back and I hear her supervisor's voice in the background and she tells me it'll be 10 hours. At this point I had enough and said thank you through my teeth and hung up. Total time taken to set up my phone: ONE HOUR AND THIRTY MINUTES. I LOVE SPRINT'S CUSTOMER SERVICE!

    Well now its 11 hours later and my phone still isn't working, and I wasn't told anything about having to wait till the 29th for my number to be transfered, because if I do, it will suck ALOT because my next phone cycle starts on the 26th.

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    I know that there are some ****ty reps for Sprint (and that is because they pay for ****), but there are some of us outh there that actually know what they are doing. As far as the porting numbers. I really depends upon your existing carrier as well as your situation with that carrier. I do not know the exact factors though. I am a rep for Sprint, and I ported several numbers from other carriers. But there was no common denominator. I ported one number from Nextel, and had am estimated time frame of the port to be Nov 29. Then I ported another number from Nextel and it said Nov 27. Then I also ported my wife's number, and it said that it would be active by 1:07am EST this morning. And sure enough, around 1:30am, the new Sprint Phone was working. Just keep in mind, that when porting a number, it has absolutely nothing to do with the new carrier, only the existing carrier and the FCC.
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    Wish I got you instead of the lady :P

    Anyway, is there anyway you can check on when my number will be ported? Drop me an email and I can send you some information tonight or tomorrow (

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    Have to say that I was very pleased with the customer service rep who helped me the other day. She even managed to give me the extra $50 service credit for upping my Treo600 contract from one to two years -- three weeks after I activated. My experience has been better than it was with Cingular -- particularly because the Sprint reps are knowledgable on a much broader range of services. Cingular reps specialize in a few areas of service and need to pass you off (after hold time) to others if you have more than one issue. Sprint (who I have yet to hold for more than 1 minute for -- even on day 1 and 2 of number portability) reps actually can handle everything from activation to some tech support.
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    It REALLY depends on the luck of the draw, I just called sprint to make sure I got the $100 service credit because the first person I talked to wasn't very knowledgable. I got some lady on the line and asked if my account was credited for the service credit that I was to recieve from Sprint with my Treo 600 for a 1 year contract. She kept refering me back to Handspring's website and insisted that I call the number on the site because it was "routing" the number to Sprint. I tell her the number on the handspring site goes to Sprint and that THEY are supposed to give me the service credit, NOT handspring, she just kept insisting that I was wrong and I should go read the handspring website, so I read it to her and she still keeps insisting that handspring is givng me the credit. So I tell her its not a phone discount, its a rebate for activiting with Sprint for a 1 year contract and its even in the sprint stores. She keeps insisting that I call Handspring and that the handle it. At that point I just said screw it and hung up. Im going to call back again and get someone more knowledgable on whats going on.
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    I'm having a T-mobile number moved over to my currently operating T600. I understand about not being able to recieve inbound calls, but I'm hearing mixed responses about being able to make calls. Now, my T600 is offline to Dec. 1. Several people at sprint told me I should be able to make calls, but not recieve. They put me in touch with a tech that says I can't make calls. Does anybody know the accurate answer to this?


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